Kumyoung Vivaus Mini – How to Upload New Songs?

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini – How to Upload New Songs?

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini - How to Upload New Songs?

This came from their website. I’m going to apply this and modify it in case I run into problems.

Procedure for Uploading New Song to VIVAUS MINI

Requirements: Any USB Flash Drive – any capacity but preferably 1gb up (except USB with U3 smart Drive)
1. Insert USB Flash Drive to your computer.
2. Create a folder named “200” in your USB DRIVE
3. Download BIN files (Vivaus MINI) from our download page. (Kumyoung Bin Files Location)
3. Copy the downloaded BIN files inside the “200” folder in your usb drive.
4. Remove USB drive from your computer.
5. Power on your Vivaus MINI.
6. Press SETUP button on your remote control, then input your password (default is 1234), a SETUP MENU will appear then press ARROW DOWN Button until you go down to NEW SONG UPGRADE, press OK button, then input password for updating new song (default is 5678) a NEW SONG MENU will appear press OK button to NEW SONG READ.
7. Follow screen instruction by inserting USB Drive at the back of the player, then new song will automatically uploaded.
8. Then Power off your player and remove USB Drive, then Power on again to see list of songs uploaded to your player.


My Comments:

My first attempt failed at step 6 to 7. I inserted my HD into the USB slot and it said it couldn’t find the binary file. “Warning didn’t find binary files. Please power Off and then Remove USB Memory Stick”. I tried it again but failed at the same step. Can’t it read hard drives? Oh well, I need to search for a flash disk then. I’ll update this when I have more info.

2nd attempt:

I used a CD-R King USB and it still failed me. I was able to get further and it looked promising (it was already uploading,copying songs) until it again failed. I’ll try with another USB stick.

3rd attempt:

It worked! I just used another flash drive. 🙂

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  1. pwede ma clone ang hrdrive ka komyoung?

  2. where can I find the download page where the "BIN" can be download?

  3. Cris Manzano says:

    sir san po pwed mag download ng bin for komyoung.

  4. I'm xenon promoter pnu ko mkta ang choices ng new songs?

  5. Thanks a lot bro, it worked for me. but how can i get a copy of list of new songs so i can insert in my songbook? thanks again in advanced

  6. Hi! I have a Vivaus Mini and followed the steps in updating new songs. Nagkaproblema din ako on my first 2 tries using an 8GB PQI Flash Drive which was formatted as NTFS. I reformatted the disk as FAT32, and on my third try using the same USB drive, it updated. We need to ensure that the USB disk is not NTFS but FAT32. I hope everyone finds this helpful. Thanks! 😀

  7. Hi! I have a Vivaus Mini and followed the steps in updating new songs. Nagkaproblema din ako on my first 2 tries using an 8GB PQI Flash Drive which was formatted as NTFS. I reformatted the disk as FAT32, and on my third try using the same USB drive, it updated. We need to ensure that the USB disk is not NTFS but FAT32. I hope everyone finds this helpful. Thanks! 🙂

  8. Sir, pano yun Kumyoung Vivaus Pro II? Pareho din ba ito sa Vivaus mini? Tnx! 🙂

  9. Sir, pano yung Kum Young Vivaus Pro II? Pareho din ba ng pag download ng songs sa internet at pag upload ng songs sa machine? Tnx! 🙂

  10. Wala pa po bang NEW SONGS? 2012?

    • Hindi na update ung website nila e. 🙁 pero pag bumili ka ng pic chip, bibigay naman nila sayo ung files or sila na maguupload sa player mo mismo.

  11. Good eve, i just bought my vivaus mini and im a real newbie user. I would like to check if I can already update the songs so I tried to register to http://www.kuyoung.ph and set my username and password. But it has been almost a month already, I had been trying to login and it always prompts me: It is under approval or check username and password. Any idea? I already tried to create again a different username and password but still no reply. Please help me please. Many thanks in advance.

    • hello, I don’t think their website still works or gets updated. Your best bet is to go to their service center and have it updated there. 🙂

    • Carl Johnson817 says:

      yo if
      u want to register and its saids under aprooval it means u need to wait on 2 days to login ur Kumyong account

  12. Hi Sir Allen, does that mean I can no longer download new songs over the internet? One of the reasons I bought the Vivaus mini is because of its feature that I can update its songs, just what the salesman of SM Appliance guaranteed me over and over again when he is convincing me 🙂 How about your previous conversations that you can download, how does it work? Perhaps that will work also for me, aside from going to their office in Pasig? I live here in Tarlac City 🙂

    • Ah, you can still download but not via their website. You can call their office and ask them to send you the files via email. Also, note that every 3 months, you need to buy a new pic chip so that the updates for those 3 months would work.

  13. Hala?! pic chip? need pa po talaga nun? tinanong ko din sa nagbenta wla na dw ganon..dahil 500 gb na dw capacity ng mga latest models, all you have to do is download. how much naman po ang 1 pic chip if ever at sa office lang ba nila un nabibili? wat’s the latest songs you got? my vivaus mini only got til Dec 2011. Sa inyo pwede po ba me manghingi if ever 🙂 Tnx po talga sa help, mejo may nalilinawan me pro naguguluhan pa din 🙂

    • yes, you need a pic chip. For example, my mini was updated last December 2012. In order for me to get the updates for January 2013 to March 2013, i need a new pic chip. For April to June, I need another one.

      When did you buy your mini? If you just bought it this year, it should be updated to at least January 2013 else, they sold you an old stock.

      Pic chips can be bought from their office or via online sellers (a bit more expensive).

  14. hindi ba parang panlolo ko ito? nung binenta sa min ang vivaus namin wala naman ni mention na pic chip. ngayon lumalabas, magbabayad ka ng 500 kada 3 buwan para ma update ang unit mo? Tama ba ang intindi ko?

    • I agree. You should complain to your seller about this because the pic chip is a very important piece of hardware needed to update your unit. No pic chip means no updates in the future aside from the 3 months of data your current pic chip has.

  15. Sir.. ask ko lang…yung kumyoung singcus 500hd,pano rin ba ba update ng new songs?.. bakit di ko makita sa site nila ang ganito model? meron lang yung vivaus ,tas mini… tnx po

    • hello everyone im also a vivaus mini user and kailangan talaga bumili ng pic chip para maiload nyo new songs….medyo magastos nga po but mas mura pa rin sya kaysa sa ibang videoke mics.if you want to upgrade pls contact mr kevin of sulit.com.ph…sa kanya na ako bumibili ng pic chip and free na yung new songs…plus pwede pa kayo humingi ng technical assistance kung may problem vivaus mini nyo…check mr kevin here…http://kevinshop.sulit.com.ph/

  16. hello everybody. has anybody had problems with step number 7? I followed instructions to update my machine. I installed pic32 but the problem is once I insert a USB in the back of the machine it does not want to do anything it is still asking for me to insert the USB. can anybody advise me on what to do. thanks in advance.

  17. Carl Johnson817 says:

    hi allen plz help me when im updating to march and febuary it saids the pic ver is not compatible

  18. Hi Allen, I bought my unit early 2010 so last update is dec09, do I need to buy all the chips to update to 2013?

    • Hi Allen I’m trying to turn on my unit, but it’s only flashing red? could it be hard disk or board problem.

    • To all Owners of Kumyoung Pro2 / Pro2F/ Singcus. If you need my assistance to Please Txt me.09178509282…

  19. Someone send me a Firmware upgrade for vivaus mini….

  20. […] factor that makes Kumyoung a great videoke system is the monthly updates. The update process for Kumyoung is a manual job which I’m still studying. But to update, you would need the “BIN” files that […]

  21. Hi Allen,

    Can I use the pic chip to update multiple devices?,

  22. Hello,

    I register to kumyoung.com to get the update songs for dec, but it says I need to wait for 2 Working days to be registered. but i really need to have the file, can someone help me and send to my email? thank you it will help me so much.. -narlet dingal
    email – rletcdingal@yahoo.com

  23. why is that the newly inserted data chip is not working?can you please help me;(

  24. What USB did u use to make it work?

  25. anyone here. how to display score?

  26. Ask ko lng, pwede bang isang file or dlwa or tatlo ung laman ng USB na ‘bin’ files? Vivias Pro 2 pla ung player ko.

  27. vicente m. villegas says:

    how will i fix my kumyoung only displays don’t turn off in booting

  28. Hi Sir Allen, vivaus pro II I do not want to boot ! help me how to fix it ,thanks

  29. I lost my remote control that’s why I cannot use my system anymore, where can I buy the remote control only or is there any way that I ca use the universal remote control

  30. Sa pic chip poba yung download n nakpost oh pede ding diretso hardrive tnx

  31. yolly corral says:

    magkano n b per pic chip ngayon? vivaus mini sakin

  32. 550 na ang chip sa head office

  33. hello po, costumer po ako dito sa northern samar, eh, pwede po akong bumili ng pic chip sa binilhan ko para wala ng ibang expences, yung bang sila nlang ang magbenta para sa amin.?

  34. marami kami ditong may unit ng vivaus mini, pwede nyo naman sila bintahan ng pic chip (GLENN MARKETING) para hindi na kami mahirapan sa pag update at sila natin ang mag install, kahit mag bayad ako ng 1500 ok lang ang importante updated and unit ninyo.

  35. I need help please. My Vivaus pro II stopped playing, it stays long on booting without images showing to.my TV. The 00000 digital will come out but you can’t play anong song from either remote or the machine buttons. I imported the karaoke from the Philippines to Canada. So there is no service center here. Please someone help me fix my machine. It’s Christmas season and karaoke time is up but my machine has malfunctioned. Tulong naman please!!!!!

  36. Sir pwd ba malaman kung papano ako makakakuha ng new copy of song book ksi nawala yunh song book tnx

    • Hello, you can buy the song book from their service center (located at 3rd flr. Unit 308 A.B Sandoval Bldg. Shaw cor. Orambo Pasig city
      Tel. # 09178035585

      PS: This is their new location.

  37. Thank you Allen I’ll check the link.

  38. Hi Sir Allen,

    I have a booting problem on my Vivaus Mini after song upgrade which i have been doing for six years, but this time after taking the USB out after update it freezes during booting.

    Please Help…

    • jomar bermudo says:

      Hello ser allen im jomar meron kasi aqng nbiling viv@us pro … chips.no. v10 if magpapalit ba ng chips to the latest 43 kasi latest chips so kailangan q bang i avail ung 11-43 chips o pwede 43 agad???? Sana poh mabgyan nio ng sgot tanung q tnx in advance ..

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