Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Unboxing

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Unboxing

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini

I’m wondering how exactly am I going to post the unboxing when it is already setup and being used? LoL Oh well…

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Box

Let us start with the box (a big box for something called mini). Upon opening the box, you would see another box that contains the…

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Song Book Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Song Book Open

(1) Big Song book. This is one of the difference that Kumyoung Seller told me because in malls, you will be getting a smaller version. This will become a battle between readability and portability. I’m not sure how I can bring the big song book around when we have out of town trips.

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Travelling Bag Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Travelling Bag Insides

(2) Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Travelling Bag. This will allow you to carry the unit on your trips. The bag looks spacious enough to fit the unit itself, the cables (audio/video) and probably some microphones unless you have another bag for it. However, there’s no way I can fit the big song book there.

Upon removal of the top box, you would instantly see the unit and its instruction manual.

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Instruction Manual

The instruction manual provides an overview of the features and settings but it doesn’t go in-depth on how the settings work. For example, there’s a button called “melody” on the remote control. It would just say that it controls the melody but it doesn’t tell you what each option does.

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Top View Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Front View

Now, here’s the unit. Just a simple white box with the name Vivaus Mini embossed on top. In front, you would see the 3 LED lights that I have no idea what they mean when they light up aside from saying, I’m functional. And at the back, you would see your connections.

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Back View

Let’s focus more on the back view. Here’s the labels on the different holes that you would see.

Light Audio Left Video In Coin USB FAN Power Switch Adaptor In
Score Audio Right Video Out Mic 2 Mic 1 FAN

I still don’t know what the purpose or how to use the light, score and coin. But I’m guessing that these would be useful if you will be connecting the unit to a karaoke machine. The USB slot is used for updating songs.

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Other Cables

Aside from the RCA cables, here’s the other cables that I will probably just store in the box.

So that’s it for my Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Unboxing. My next posts about this would probably be more on how to use it as I’m still learning.

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  1. I bought this in Phil’s, the display work in everything but the one I got to take overseas don’t have sounds on vocal and the background are all Korean shit….. Totally different from the display. Can some tell me how to enable vocal voice pls

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