Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Box

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Price, Specifications in the Philippines

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini

Kumyoung Vivaus Mini Box

Yesterday, I welcomed a new member of my gadget family, the Kumyoung Vivaus Mini where I bought it online from a seller from sulit.com.ph.

What is this?

This is a portable karaoke player where you just plug it into your television like a dvd-player and you can now sing to your heart’s content. The package didn’t come with a microphone so I need to buy microphones in order to fully utilize it.

I forgot what my motivation was to buy a karaoke player provided that I’m usually just silent type in these events, silently eating the food while my friends drink and sing. Back then, I only knew about Magic Sing and its variants and I found it too expensive. Well, the microphone is chip but the upgrade (chips) are not so it never crossed my mind to buy it. But when I discovered about Kumyoung and its karaoke player, I immediately got curious about it and did a lot of research about it. I learned on how it works, how it differs from Magic Sing, how it is currently being used by commercial establishments and how updated the songs were.

Well, fast forward to a few months, I was able to buy 1 at a lower price at the mall yet with the latest updates.

Mall Prices

  • PHP 13, 990 (available for 6 months installment)
  • Latest update – Chip 27 – December 2011 or earlier

Sulit.com.ph Price (http://kumyoungtrading.sulit.com.ph/)

  • PHP 13000 cash of delivery
  • Latest update – Chip 28 – February 2012

More on the unboxing on the next post but I have already started using it earlier today. So good bye for now Centerstage and hello Kumyoung Vivaus Mini!

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