Kumyoung – Where to get PIC Chips?

Kumyoung – Where to get PIC Chips?

Kumyoung - Where to get PIC Chips?

I bought my Kumyoung Vivaus Mini last February 2012 and the only update I had so far was for the March 2012 songs. I only managed to update it to the latest songs when I paid a visit to the Kumyoung Service Center in Pasig.

When you update the kumyoung machines, you need to go through each PIC chip and you cannot skip. Each PIC Chip can hold three months of songs. So in my case, I bought 3 PIC chips (e.g 1 for APR-MAY-JUNE, 2 for JULY-AUG-SEPT, 3 for OCT-NOV-DEC) in order to get the latest songs. Next year, I need to get a new PIC chip for January 2013.

This is the address of their service center.

Kumyoung Philippines
3rd Floor, Frankfort Bldg., 146 Pasig Boulevard 1600

When I went there, the building looks abandoned because there’s no tenant in the 1st and 2nd floor but don’t let that discourage you from going up to the third floor. Once you reach there, a technician will assist you. When you buy a PIC chip, they offer free installation as long as you brought your player there and they will also give you new pages (new song lists) for your song book (big or small).

If there are a lot of customers, prepare to wait a lot because in my case, I waited for nearly two hours for only a handful of customers. But don’t let this discourage you because some of the customers brought a lot of units to be updated and there was only one technician at that time.

So I hope this helps on the question on where to get PIC chips. You can either buy them online or go directly to the Kumyoung Service Center; whichever is more convenient to you.

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15 thoughts on “Kumyoung – Where to get PIC Chips?

  1. Hello Allen, I just want to know if how many PIC chips can a vivaus mini unit hold? I have a vivaus mini bought last year and not yet sure which PIC chip does it have but I heard from the salesman that it’s 2012 update. I plan to update to the latest version, so if in case I’m going to need 4 PIC chips, can it hold 4 chips or until how many can it hold or be updated? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi BonC, the unit can only hold 1 PIC chip at a time. So to get the updates for multiple pic chips, you need to insert the pic chips one at a time in order. 🙂

  2. Dear Allen,
    After installling new blank pic chip, my Vivaus mini won’t boot, i cannot go through setup menu to install updates (bin files downloaded from kumyoung website). Please help..

    1. As of checking (January 2016), pic chips now costs PHP 600 each. You need one pic chip every 3 months so my guess is you need around 7-10 pic chips to get the latest update of January 2016.

  3. Hi sir allen..question?my chip po ako 34 to 44 san site pede i upload ung song…bgo iprocess sa karaoke machine

  4. Sir, I bought my unit ViVaus Mini 3 years ago and now there’s problem on the remote control. The numbers are not fucntioning even Batteries are New. CAN YOUR OFFICE/SHOP FIX OR REPAIR IT.? JUN C.

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