L.A. Car Accessories Tint Installation

L.A. Car Accessories Tint Installation

L.A. Car Accessories Tint Installation

One of my long over due “car repair” plans was to replace my tint that gave up on me on 2009. For two years, I have gotten used to that big strip in front my windshield that it doesn’t bother me anymore while driving. However, for people who has just seen my car, they would be surprised and check if my windshield was broken.

Well, I finally did some research late last year and contacted L.A. Car Accessories on their tinting services. I contacted them first because they were the only ones that had a decent website, they were also very near our house, and they currently have a promo on tinting! I was glad that they were able to reply back to my email so I went there to schedule for an appointment.

They offer two types of car tints (Shaded vs Clear). The brands they carry were Nano Tech, V-Kool, LLUMAR, SolarGard, and 3M. In their shop, they have samples for you to look to help you decide on which tint you will get. I have no prior knowledge in choosing a car tint so I picked the one with a higher heat rejection and has a low wallet rejection. I picked Nano Tech Reflective for my tint because it had a longer warranty and higher heat rejection than SolarGard and 3m but they were in the same price range.

Installation of the car tint happens on their “tint room” that looks like a car garage with space for two vehicles as long as they are parked diagonally. It is air-conditioned but I wasn’t able to enjoy it as I left to do some errands. It took them around 3 hours to finish tinting my car.

So far so good! I was given a warranty card with some reminders for newly installed tints (eg. don’t roll down your windows, don’t stick anything yet or clean the film). I paid good money for this so I hope I won’t run into problems with the tint.

See their promo here


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L.A. Car Accessories, Tint Room and Sound Room – Makati Branch

Glory Building 7427 Yakal St. San Antonio Village, Makati City

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