Laptop gets fixed and the importance of making back ups

Earlier today I went to the Acer Service Center to have my dead laptop repaired. After waiting and sweating for a while, my turn finally came and I watched as the Acer dude checked my laptop.

The solution to the problem was the memory. He just switched it from one slot to another slot and it’s working again. I was surprised the solution was that easy! I already tried to dissect my laptop yesterday but I did not do anything because I fear I might do further damage. I thanked him and went on my way (he did not charge anything, lucky me). I am very thankful that the laptop got fixed but I would like to share with you something I’ve learned in this experience.

Always make a back up of your files and keep your things secure all the time.

I have been talking about back up your blog last month but I have not personally applied it myself. I forgot to practice what I preached and I almost suffered the consequences of it. So now, I’m telling all of you to start making back ups of your files in case something bad happens.

Here are the stuffs you can back up:

  • Your blog!!! (#1 priority) – Read more about the different ways you can back up your blog.
  • Important documents;
  • Pictures! ;
  • IM chatlogs such as those in Yahoo Messenger;
  • Your media files such as videos and audio;
  • Your installers and computer drivers;
  • and everything you want to save!

So before any accidents may happen to you, do your back ups now and do it often. Thanks Acer Service Center! Yeah!

12 thoughts on “Laptop gets fixed and the importance of making back ups

  1. wow. congrats at naayos ang laptop mo. Yeah, it’s a good thing to always have a back-up of your important files. I store mine on a different HDD. Or sometimes, i burn it on discs.

  2. wow! good thing you got your laptop back in action. how bout the other slot by the way?
    may prob dun sa isang slot lang ? ^^ motherboard na un next time. hehe.

    1. I think the memory just got loosened up after the fall so I believe both slots are still working hehe. Hmm I already had my motherboard replaced twice.. but it was under warranty hehe

  3. Let the expert do. Buti na lang di mo ginalaw. Naranasan ko rin yun sa cam noon. Mabuti at okay na ulit ang laptop mo.

    Aha, tinatamad ka magback up. Ako may back up ng importanteng files esp. ang pics.

    Take care!

  4. i suggest if u have no other hard disk drive, use multiply instead… it’s a great site for backups. it has 22 gbs of file storage for photos, videos and other documents… much like having a second disk drive for your computer. be sure to have it for private use or only you can see your files… multiply is capable of doing it!

    1. Hmm does it have an online tool where you can just drag & drop and it will upload? Browsing for each file and clicking upload for all your files is very tedious. 😀 hehe

  5. Performing the backup is just 50% of the task. Bear in mind to always test your backup files. Backups are useless when you can’t restore them. Pay special attention to the backups you made on CDs and DVDs as these type of media often render your stored data unreadable if they aren’t stored properly.

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