Lasema Spa and Sauna: Sauna + Jimjil Bang + Massage

Lasema Spa and Sauna: Sauna + Jimjil Bang + Massage

Lasema Spa and Sauna: Sauna + Jimjil Bang + Massage

Thanks to Ensogo; We were able to try out this deal.

Sauna + Jimjil Bang + Massage for 1 (valued at P990)

Lasema Spa and Sauna would probably be one of the more expensive places we went to for a massage bought via group buying. However, despite the higher price, you would definitely get your money’s worth in here.

Now what is Jjim Jil Bang? It is a “Korean Style Sauna and Spa”.

Making a reservation was easy as calling them up to make one and they would ask for your voucher numbers. They would also ask for a copy of your ID. Upon entering the place, we were given a set of clothes (one for the massage which I didn’t get but Jessa got and another one for the Jimjil bang). We were also given two hand towels and a locker key bracelet that will be used not only for lockers, but for your food purchases. Yes, unlike Wensha Spa, food here is paid for separately.

Asides from the 1 hour massage, we can use the all the facilities for twelve hours. The common areas would be the Jjim jil bang while massage (unless you get a private room for PHP 200) and the sauna are not.

Upon receiving our items, Jessa and I proceeded to separate washrooms where we changed our clothes. Here we can also find a very spacious bath room where there are several hot and cold Jacuzzi pools for you to soak into.

Going out of the door would lead you to the common area where you can find the cave rooms (for you to sleep in), snack bar, and the saunas. There are three (3) saunas available and an ice room. A sauna can fit around 8 people and in there you can walk around, sit down, exercise or simply do a Nestea Plunge and lie on your back.

Here were the three Saunas:

  • Chungito – (around 70 degrees Celsius) – really hot that I could not last a minute here. You would also find it hard to breathe in here.
  • Salt Charcoal (around 50 degrees Celsius)
  • Oak and Clay (around 55 degrees Celsius) – my favorite! I could simply lie down here and sleep (not recommended)

After warming yourself up, you can proceed to the ice room (around –10% Celsius) to cool off. I had a few minutes to feel like a superhero as I watched the steam escape from my body… of course I did a super hero who’s charging his aura pose while in there.

From here, you can proceed to go to the massage area, restaurant or a mini library hosting a lot of Korean books and Manga.

The massage I got was called Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian massage). It was similar to Swedish massage as you feel the kneading but the masseuse not only used her thumbs but even her palms, elbows, forearms and knees. It was really good and relaxing that I was dozing off for a few minutes until she asks me to change position. Definitely one of the massages I’d like to have again.

After having the massage, Jessa and I proceeded to enjoy more of the facilities together. We also ate ramen and mandu for our snacks and lastly, before we left, we studied on how to make a lamb towel over our heads.

Here’s our attempt (pic from Jessa’s blog). Not bad for our first time eh?

So this ends our Lasema Sauna and Spa trip (after nearly 5 hours there) and also our Lahniversary celebration. We will definitely be back here!

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Lasema Spa and Sauna
7232 Malugay St., Brgy. Bel Air, 1209 Makati City inside Makati Golf Club, Makati City
+632 8302222; +63943 506 5697
Open 24 hours

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