Le Grand Cirque

Le Grand Cirque Live At Araneta

Le Grand Cirque Live At Araneta

Le Grand Cirque
Le Grand Cirque – Live at Araneta

What: Watch the Le Grand Cirque (from Las Vegas)
Where: Live at Smart Araneta Coliseum;
When: from December 25, 2017 to January 3, 2017

Info about the show: 

A big-scale circus production featuring an electrifying show of acrobatics, aerial tricks, white knuckle stunts, and precision skills, Le Grand Cirque’s world-class artistes from Europe, Canada, and the UK have captivated millions of audiences all over the world.

Dubbed by the press as the ‘Next Generation of Cirque du Soleil,’ this heart-pounding Las Vegas-style extravaganza promises action, glitz and glamour.

Described in the press as “a glittering spectacle” that “defies gravity and belief,” and touted to be a “real family entertainment,”

Here are some of the features of the show:

  1. Wheel of Death
  2. Roller Skate Daredevils
  3. Aerial Trapeze
  4. Motorcycle Dome

For more info, please visit Le Grand Cirque Info Page.

Le Grand Cirque Poster
Le Grand Cirque Poster

I’m exciting to watch this and be amazed at the what I’m about to see. It is not always where you can see live the stunts that are usually shown in TV.

I will update this post once I have finished watching it ! I’m excited 🙂


The show was amazing! There were a lot of stunts done that made us think;how can they do that? The show was divided in two acts. It looks like they have a set list of what to do for that show (or day) because not all featured stunts were done.

Act One 

  1. Solo Trapeze
  2. Diabolo (Chinese Yo Yo)
  3. Acro balancing – Juggling Human
  4. Hat Juggling
  5. Bouncing Balls Juggling
  6. Tissu (Aerial Silk)
  7. Juggling Drums on Feet
  8. Trampoline and walking on walls

Act two

  1. Jumping through hoops
  2. Aerial Cube
  3. Plate spinning with gymanastics
  4. Contortionist with candles
  5. Hula hoop
  6. Balance Boards
  7. Strongman
  8. Fire dancers
  9. Russian Swing

See you there,


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