How to Increase your Twitter Followers?

How to Increase your Twitter Followers?

I never bothered much with twitter until I learned something good that makes developing your twitter account worthwhile.

Update: I realized that following too many people makes me unable to use twitter properly so I stop doing this activity and only resorted to following people who I really know and want to follow. 

When I first read that Macuha is earning from twitter (  after developing his twitter account (~30k follows/followers), I thought to myself that it is a good way to earn additional income but the thought of following people (thousands) manually which they describe as slow and painful turned me off. I admit I’m lazy so that is why I did not bother.

But recently, I learned something that shows me how important twitter is, doesn’t even rely on SEO but earns money (potential). I tried this out lately with a following of 20 followers and was able to earn small money. So I’m thinking, what if I grew my twitter account, would that make me more richer?

Well, I have to grow it first to know.

To increase my twitter followers, I do the following:

[1] Search for keywords based on what people tweet at, then follow those users who tweet about those stuff.

[2] or the more easier way is to follow authority account’s twitter followers (Macuha followed John Chow’s followers and now I’m following Macuha’s followers 😉 )

Doing this following – unfollowing is very tiring so I will try to find something that will make this automated (I have found something btw but still testing).

So now, I will tell myself to get a big twitter following first then … start earning money.

Let’s see in a few days. (*excited*)

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7 thoughts on “How to Increase your Twitter Followers?

  1. Hey Allen,

    Are you using any automated tools to gain new followers? And do you know if Twitter only allows you to follow 200 new users a day? I to haven’t utilized Twitter to its potential, so I’m always look for some tips!

    Thanks for your hard work. Great work!

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