Lemon Peel Facial and Spa Massage

Lemon Peel Facial and Spa Massage

It has been a while since my last massage so we planned to grab a massage at Lemon Peel Facial and Spa. I picked this one out of convenience because we also availed of their facial services and we also bought groceries at Puregold.


Sadly, it would be the last time I’m going back there because even if it cost only PHP 199 for an hour’s worth of massage; it didn’t feel good at all. Let me start first with the place (ambiance). Well, there’s more or less no ambiance the massage beds were crammed inside a corner because the other spaces are for those availing of their facial services. I also imagine how old are their sheets after looking at the stains. Another annoying thing would be that loud lady who keeps on insulting her foreign video-call mate. She’s an employee of that store and she doesn’t realize that her sessions are causing stress to their customers.

Now for the massage itself. At the start of the massage, you are asked on what pressure you want but regardless of your answer; you will feel pain like what Jessa felt. They even had to ask, “you are not used to massage?” and they continue their painful attacks.

On my end, I felt like the masseuse (I don’t even want to call her that as it would insult the legit masseuse) was just playing and practicing on my body. Her routine goes this way; lather up a lot of oil on her hands, rub them up and down my body with no pattern at all and just press random spots in your body. So not relaxing!

In the end, we paid to cover our selves with sticky oil and left the place more stressed than before we came in. So a mental note to self… never again!

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