Libel Complaint Dismissed!

Libel Complaint Dismissed!


The day that I have been waiting for has arrived! I just happened to check my mailbox today to see if I have something new and I found two items. First was a bill that I need to settle before I leave tomorrow else I’ll have to pay overdue next month, and second was a letter from Makati City Prosecutors office.

My heart started pounding like crazy as I went up to my room. I open the letter and out came a seven (7) page document. I immediately checked the last page and I experienced bliss upon seeing these words together, “dismissed for lack of prima facie evidence”.

Happy. I am very happy right now. Nearly four (4) months of unnecessary stress ended today!

You might be wondering what am I talking about? Here’s a little background…

On early December 2012, I received a mail from the prosecutors office and you can imagine my shock as I read the document with words that I only met that day… (e.g. subpoena, unjust vexation). “OMG! I am being sued! What am I going to do?” my thoughts as reality starts to dawn on me … it took a lot of explanation from the people around me to explain the scenario I’m in and I’m glad they took time to do it because I was really at a loss on what to do at that time.

The complainant was Metrodeal (a group buying website) and their complaint against me was unjust vexation and libel. Their complaint stemmed by the comments made by people on my promo blog (

I felt betrayed when I received this complaint (see more details at my Counter affidavit). Also, I was asking.. why me? I did not write those comments so why me? I wanted to reply to their complaint and negate their arguments to the best of my ability but .. I need a lawyer in order to do that…

… We filed our counter-affidavit on January then Metrodeal filed their reply affidavit two weeks later to which we filed our rejoinder affidavit on early February.

As of now, I’d like to thank everyone who extended their help to me in facing this dilemma.

  • Jessa – have been a great help from start to finish – finding lawyers, calming me down, being my emotional pillar! big hug!
  • My family
  • Friends and Officemates
  • Blogging community – Mrs. Noemi, Tonyo, Blogie, Abe, Stacy, Yani, Patrik, and many more who offered advices and contacts

Till next time,


PS: I’m hoping that this will be the end but legally, they can still do something.

PS2: Read more about it here:

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