Looking back at Year 2007

Many bloggers usually post something as a year ender for their blog. It can be things on what they have accomplished, an audit on their blog stats such as their best posts, total number of visitors and more importantly, their earnings for that year. I would like to also join that trend so this post will be all about my blogging life for the year 2007.

Well it has been a great year for me. A blog that started that has started due to envy has become a part of me. It’s one of the first things I checked after I wake up and before I go to sleep at night. Am I addicted to it or what?

Personal Achievements

These are the only things I can remember since I’m a forgetful person! hehe

  • I have made a total of 183 posts that managed to gather 1,094 comments from 261 different nicknames.
  • I have attended two offline blogger meetups, by Digital Filipino and by Taste Asia. Now, due to my new work which is 3pm to 12am, it’s hard for me to go to blogger meetups. But, I’ll try my best to join them.
  • Made a lot of new friends online and some of them I’ve already met offline! ^_^
  • Earn money with this blog. In fact, I’ve already had a return of investment for this blog.
  • Learn more about wordpress CMS.
  • Have fun while blogging!

Here are some statistics (Thanks to Xinu.TechHive.net):

  • PageRank – 3
  • Technorati Authority – 165, Rank – 36, 799
  • Alexa Rank – 222, 600
  • Feedburner Subscribers – 60

Blog Statistics (brought to you by AWStats)

Although I wanted to use Google Analytics for this but I added Google Analytics a bit late in my blog so it would lack data. For now, I will just use AWStats.

The stats here will be from the day the blog first started which was on July 11, 2007 up to December 31, 2007.

Traffic Stats

  • Unique Visitors – 16, 218
  • Number of Visits – 32, 454
  • Pages – 167, 624
  • Pages per Visit – 5.16
  • Hits – 423, 051
  • Hits per Visit – 13.03
  • Bandwidth – 3.78 GB

Blog Growth in terms of traffic

I’m seeing an upward trend in my blog traffic which is good for me. I started with 862 unique visitors in July and ended December with 7869 unique visitors!

Silkenhut's Blog Growth Stats

Note: Just for my curiosity’s sake, I compared the December 2007 stats for Unique Visitors as recorded by both Google Analytics (7,481) and AWStats (7869). So does AWStats over count or does Google Analytics undercount?

Top 10 Countries that visit my blog

It seems that the United States beats other countries by a super big margin. I guess without them, my blog’s growth won’t be that big.

Countries that visit Silkenhut's World

Top 10 Search Keyphrases

OMG! I never imagined that many people will be going to my blog looking for $candals. It’s all thanks to, “Marhgil Macuha”. However, I’m glad that one of search keyphrases among the ten is clean and it’s “blogging“.

2007 top 10 search keyphrases

Top 10 Blogs who send me traffic

I would like to give thanks to these blogs for sending me traffic. Although most of them are due to the #1 search keyword, traffic is still traffic so thank you very much!

  1. Mii.net – Thank you!
  2. Yuwoncendric – Thanks!
  3. Redlan – Thanks Rod! (The traffic you send me are not looking for the #1 search keyword yet you rank 3rd!)
  4. ReynaElena – Thanks!
  5. WordPress.org for wordpress 2.3
  6. Zapafly – Thanks!
  7. IRonnie – Thanks!
  8. PinoyBlogero – PinoyBolero! haah Thanks Karlo!
  9. Darangsisa – Thanks!
  10. EverythingEli – Thanks Eli! 🙂
    Fionixe – Nunininunu something hehe Thanks! 😛


Seeing all these stats, I’ve learned a lot. In fact, I’ve already have new ideas for future posts based on these ideas. I hope that 2008 will be as great or much greater than my year 2007! Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. That’s a heck of a lot of traffic you got in December. Must have done something neat to make it go up so fast. Anyway, hope it grows even more in 2008.

  2. woah! im like out of the top 10 ~ nyahaha ^_^ special mention 😀 hihi. tenks allen 😀 more power to you and your blog 😀

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