Mafia Wars – List of Collections and Vaults

Mafia Wars – List of Collections and Vaults

They keep on adding more features to the game Mafia Wars in Facebook just to keep it from being boring. They have now added a better Collections/Vault.

Collections are special items you can get from doing jobs. There’s a set of items per Job Tier, and if you manage to complete them all, you can add them to the vault and gain a bonus. This post aims to give you a list of the items for you to collect. Enjoy collecting! ^_^

Mafia Wars – List of Collections and Vaults

Diamond Flush Collection (Street Thug Job Tier)
Eight of Diamonds
Nine of Diamonds
Ten of Diamonds
Jack of Diamonds
Queen of Diamonds
King of Diamonds
Ace of Diamonds
Vault Bonus:
+1 energy

Heart Flush Collection (Associate Job Tier)
Eight of Hearts
Nine of Hearts
Ten of Hearts
Jack of Hearts
Queen of Hearts
King of Hearts
Ace of Hearts
Vault Bonus:
+5 health

Sculptures Collection (Soldier Job Tier)
Rat Sculpture
Sheep Sculpture
Rooster Sculpture
Monkey Sculpture
Tiger Sculpture
Snake Sculpture
Dragon Sculpture
Vault Bonus:
+3 defense

Poker Chips Collection (Soldier Job Tier)
White Poker Chip
Brown Poker Chip
Red Poker Chip
Blue Poker Chip
Green Poker Chip
Purple Poker Chip
Gold Poker Chip
Vault Bonus:
+2 attack

Club Flush Collection (Soldier Job Tier)
Eight of Clubs
Nine of Clubs
Ten of Clubs
Jack of Clubs
Queen of Clubs
King of Clubs
Ace of Clubs
Vault Bonus:
+3 attack

Cigars Collection (Enforcer Job Tier)
Ebony Cigar
Sky Cigar
Rose Cigar
Ivory Cigar
Turquoise Cigar
Gold Cigar
Royal Cigar
Vault Bonus:
+2 energy

Spade Flush Collection (Enforcer Job Tier)
Eight of Spades
Nine of Spades
Ten of Spades
Jack of Spades
Queen of Spades
King of Spades
Ace of Spades
+2 stamina

Rings Collection (Hitman Job Tier)
Topaz Ring
Opal Ring
Amethyst Ring
Emerald Ring
Sapphire Ring
Ruby Ring
Diamond Ring
Vault Bonus:
+5 defense

Ties Collection (Hitman Job Tier)
Solid Tie
Striped Tie
Checked Tie
Geometric Tie
Dot Tie
Paisley Tie
Knitted Tie
Vault Collection
+6 defense

Paintings Collection (Capo Job Tier)
Warhol Painting
Cezanne Painting
Matisse Painting
Van Gogh Painting
Dali Painting
Monet Painting
Rembrandt Painting
Vault Bonus:
+6 energy

Cufflinks Collection (Capo Job Tier)
Silver Cufflinks
Gold Cufflinks
Amber Cufflinks
Jasper Cufflinks
Agate Cufflinks
Onyx Cufflinks
Pearl Cufflinks
Vault Collection
+10 health

Great Race Horses Collection (Consigliere Job Tier)
Mill Reef
Sea Bird
Golden Miller
St Simon
Vault Bonus:
+7 energy

Mafia Wars – List of Collections and Vaults

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