Make your blog descriptions DESCRIPTIVE

Make your blog descriptions DESCRIPTIVE

If you are a first time visitor to this blog and you would like to know what this blog is all about, you’d probably look at the top part of the blog and you will be greeted with this…

Pretty helpful right? Now what is the blog all about? It’s not just another WordPress weblog.

Unless you will go to the archives, and browse around the posts, you will not know that this blog is about blogging tips and technical blogging tips. This is one of the mistakes I made earlier in my blog. The mistake of not…

Making the blog description describe clearly what the blog is all about.

A blog description must serve its purpose and it’s purpose is to give your readers a first taste on what to expect in your blog. It should be descriptive enough that on a single glance, your visitors will be able to know what your blog is all about.

Think of it as introducing yourself to a group of people. You don’t say, “I’m just a normal person or a nobody“. People won’t waste their time on someone like that. What you should do is to tell them more about yourself, your abilities and perhaps your services that you can provide. In that way, people will be more informed about you.

For example, my initial blog description was “It’s not just another WordPress weblog“. The only information that we can learn from this description was that WordPress is being used on that blog. Aside from that, we don’t have other information about the blog. First time visitors of the blog would want to know what they can get from the blog and upon reading that description, they would probably leave.

I realized my mistake and changed the blog description into “Personal experiences in blogging. Includes blogging tips, technical blogging tips and blogging tutorials.” This looks much better in giving a brief description on what the blog is all about. So if you still have not made your blog description descriptive, I suggest you do.

9 thoughts on “Make your blog descriptions DESCRIPTIVE

  1. Guilty ako! Wahehehe. My blog description sucks (just below my blog title).. but I have a another blog description located on my sidebar (just below my uber gwapo pic, haha!). No plans to change it. Maybe soon.

  2. I’ve written something similar to this on my blog. You’re right, optimized blog descriptions are a great way for visitors to tell what your blog is about. Give them a first impression that they will never forget. Nice one. Happy blogging!

  3. It’s pretty hard to describe a personal blog. I can always put “Personal Blog of Jhed Cabrera,” pero marami na akong nakikitang mga ganun e. Hehe. So yeah, I’m trying to be unique. Nonetheless, magandang tip ito. 🙂

  4. you are right, a good blog description really helps them to know what the blog is all about in a glance… hope they buy my ‘all about everything’ crap 🙂

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