MalwareBytes – How to Use Guide

MalwareBytes – How to Use Guide

MalwareBytes - How to Use Guide

I have been talking about and recommending MalwareBytes in a few of my posts but I realized, I have not really posted much about it. So this is a post that will introduce this very useful tool to you and make you want to use it a lot!

First of all, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is free! There is a paid version but you can already survive with the free version. So let’s start on the usage.

The main screen of MalwareBytes will look like the screen you see above. Since we are just using the free version, we can only do a quick scan or a full scan. Most of the time, the quick scan would be enough to solve your problems however, if you have time to spare, do a full scan once in a while.

However, before you do any scanning, the first thing you should do upon opening malwarebytes is to update it so that you have the latest “definitions” which means it has a bigger database of malwares, trojans and everything not nice.

After updating, you can now scan your computer and hopefully it will catch all those nasty things that infected your computer. The user interface is very easy to use right?

Do note that MalwareBytes is similar to first aid where you try to remedy the issue first by yourself however, it may not be able to remove everything so that is the time you need to seek help (via forums). One thing to note is that, I really don’t recommend seeking help from other people where all they want to do when they see a virus is to reformat.

You can download it free at their website.

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