[PSP] Mana Khemia Student Alliance PSP Game

Mana Khemia Student Alliance PSP

Mana Khemia Student Alliance PSP

My Review:

I had this game before but forgot to play it. While doing some cleaning, I found it and since I was looking for games to play, I decided to try it. So here is what I can say about Mana Khemia Student Alliance for PSP.

I am not familiar with the predecessor games for Mana Khemia so I do not have a basis for comparison but enough of that, let us move on to what I have learned so far about the game.

The game is an RPG where the story is, you are some loner out there that got invited to a school where alchemy is being taught (Mahou sensei negima? lol) Your tasks here would be to student, take courses, synthesize items and graduate just like in school. The story is pretty linear where time moves in weeks, then weeks turn into terms and after that, if you pass, you move on to the next year. In every week, you take classes, have free time, do jobs or go to story events.

Navigation in Mana Khemia is limited. In the “world map”, you do not walk to the places but you just scroll to the places you want to go and you are there. Once inside that place, you can walk around and talk to people, do actions (slice off tall grasses, pick up bags of goodies and pick up treasure) or fight monsters.

Battles in Mana Khemia is turned based. On the top left of the battle screen, you will see a reel of some sorts where you see your players and enemies’ cards. They move clockwise to the right at every turn. Whenever a card reaches the rightmost part, it will be your turn and you can pick an action [Attack, Item, Skill, Guard, Runaway]. Upon winning, you will gain AP, sometimes items and game currency. Now, where is the experience?

I noticed that there is no concept of level up or experience gain in this game. Your growth is based on how good you can do alchemy. Items, weapons, armor, should be created via alchemy (synthesizing) and this is your only way of gaining them. You can buy ingredients or find them lying around in “dungeons” but you need to combine them to create your items (sounds similar to Monster Hunter right?).

Although you do not have level-ups or experience gains, you can skill grow your stats by using the Grow Book. The grow book looks like a family tree of the weapons/armor you have synthesized. Each slot is for a specific item and it has a corresponding stat bonus on it. Whenever you synthesize an item, it will light up the slot in your grow book and you will need to spend AP to gain the stat bonus for that slot (you gain AP by winning battles – reminds me of crimson gem saga).

The Grow Book tree only shows you the adjacent slots that you have already synthesize. If you want to see more slots, you have to unlock them by synthesizing their neighbor slot. From what I’ve read, this grow book can be used to customize your character as you can pick to concentrate on one part of the tree only. I have only unlocked one so I’m not knowledgeable about it but I think I will try to synthesize everything to have a feeling of completion.

The game concept is pretty interesting and I’m liking it. My only complain would be the loading times. Graphics are also not really that good to take advantage of the PSP’s power.

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This is my first time doing this kind of game review. It feels good so I will do it for other games that I play in the future.

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    1. Have you unlocked already the support chain attacks? If then, while fighting, check the gauges of your support characters. If they are full, you will be able to switch them into battle by tapping X when your frontline is attacking. They will switch out the frontline and enter the battle by getting one hit on the enemy first. Hope this helps.

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