Mercury Drug’s Health Kiosk

Mercury Drug’s Health Kiosk

On the night before Christmas last year, just after our anticipated mass, we went to Mercury Drug to buy some medicine when I saw this machine just standing at the corner of Mercury Drug. It was a health kiosk that aims to give you a quick measurement of your weight, height, BMI, blood pressure and body fat percentage for only PHP5 pesos. It will just take you less than five minutes to measure everything.

I tried it out for the sake of experiencing it and it printed to me my results (I lost that piece of paper already). Fast forward to 2011, I am now using this kiosk regularly to track my progress when I started becoming more aware that I need to lose fat (when I also started the Insanity program where I did not manage to finish :(). Actually, I only look at the weight and the body fat percentage/fat mass. As long as I see that my fat mass is going down (body fat percentage is relative to your current weight), my smile after getting the results would be from ear to ear… however, if I get opposite results, I will be chanting “I’m fat” while walking from Mercury Drug back to our office.

In terms of accuracy, I have no idea how accurate this is as I don’t know nor use other types of measurement. But never the less, I’ll just stick by it and as long as I see results, I’m happy.

Just some disclaimers from the kiosk results.

  • This is not a medical act.
  • Blood pressure may vary.
  • Control your weight & blood pressure
  • Do not self medicate
  • Regularly consult your doctor or pharmacist

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