Metro Manila Shakes with Earthquake Magnitude 6

Metro Manila Shakes with Earthquake Magnitude 6

I was informed earlier today that an earthquake of magnitude 6 rocked Metro Manila today. My friends were in Makati and in Ortigas when they felt the earthquake.

Let us all hope and pray that this is only a single occurrence and not something like a warning of things to come.


In Manila, the earthquake had a magnitude of 4. The epicenter of the earthquake was found to be in Mindoro and it had a magnitude of 6.2.

Phivolcs declared this as a tectonic earthquake. This is where the tectonic plates that holds our land together keeps on rubbing each other causing waves (seismic waves) that when it reaches the surface, we call it an earthquake. It was a vertical tectonic earthquake that hit us.

There were a lot of small aftershocks detected by Phivolcs and they are saying that it is possible of a stronger earthquake to affect us soon.

The earthquake that hit the Philippines is similar to the one that hit Chile just a few weeks ago.

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