Metro Manila Traffic Navigation

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator


I was browsing the website of MMDA (metropolitan manila development authority) and saw a pdf file of their 1 year achievements. I was curious so I took a peek and found this. They have recently launched “Metro Manila Traffic Navigator” which is an online site that will provide people with real-time traffic information. This is a joint effort by the MMDA and TV5. MMDA would provide the data while TV5 would provide the website to post the data. The url is below.


Metro Manila Traffic Navigator Usage Guide

It works in three steps:

  • Step 1 : Choose a view
  • Step 2: See the latest traffic results
  • Step3 : Click icon to view details

Step 1: Choose a view

There are three views available for you to look at. But the legend would stay the same

Red means heavy traffic
Yellow means moderate traffic
Green means light traffic
Grey means no information

Metro Manila Traffic Navigation system view

System View

This looks similar to our LRT / MRT views where you would see the status of “each” station and have an idea of the traffic status.

Metro Manila Traffic Navigation line view

Line View

Pure information in one page divided into northbound and southbound. No graphics, just text and information.

Metro Manila Traffic Navigation google map

Google Map

Google Maps with traffic information on the big highways such as Edsa, Q.Ave, C5, SLEX.

What I like about this is that they are posting close to real-time traffic situation based on the updates (getting updated every few minutes) and I don’t need to refresh the page. It updates automatically.

Aside from having an active twitter account, this new online system would be very beneficial to motorists who want to receive the latest traffic updates on our major roads. Kudos to MMDA for this one. I hope more people would find and use this website. Next up would be flood detectors (lol) and to reduce flooding in our streets (saw the news and it isn’t a good site to see).

OT: Talking about flooding, saw in the news that some guy got his car flooded because he tried to wade his car through flooded waters. He blames everyone but himself on why his car got flooded. He said he should have been warned and all that blah… I don’t know with him but I won’t let my car go through floods with the risk of getting water inside of my car and I don’t think I need anyone to remind me of that. Poor guy 😀 

The Metro Manila Traffic Navigator is a great project!

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