Metrodeal – How to Pick-up Items from Metrodeal?

Metrodeal – How to Pick-up Items from Metrodeal?

Metrodeal – How to Pick-up Items from Metrodeal?

Yesterday marks the first time I bought an item via Metrodeal and I picked it up from their office. Similar to my experience with CCP, I’d rather pick up the items from their respective offices instead of waiting for it to be delivered to save anxiety and stress in case the item has problems.

So how do you pick-up items from Metrodeal?

First step would be to review your voucher. Does it need a reservation? Which identification cards to you need?

If you need to make a reservation, then try to take note of the name of the person who you called so that you can use that as reference when you go to the building.

Metrodeal Address

Metrodeal Address

The Enterprise Center, 18F Tower 1, 6766 Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo De Roxas
Makati City, Metro Manila

The building is easy to spot especially if you are coming out from the Ayala/Paseo underpass. The landmark I usually look at is inside the building where there’s a very high escalator. When you enter the building, you don’t have to provide any ID. Just go straight ahead to the 18th floor and Metrodeal will be on your left as you exit the elevator.

You won’t have to go in to their office as the guard on duty will ask for your purpose and accept your voucher and IDs for you. He will bring it inside while you wait. In my experience, several people went out to verify my identify (e.g. my credit card, my ID) until I got my item.

Prepare to wait for a while (I waited for around 30-40 minutes) as they have a lot of buyers also looking to claim their items. That’s all! No fuss and easy to do.

Any questions so far? If you have, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

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  1. hi would just like to ask if you ever experience to buy from metrodeal and ask for a refund the next day?here’s my story. sept 5 of this year i purchased a deal amounting 4499 when i checked the dates i was unable to find my desired date to use the voucher. i immediately contacted parties involved the next day and asked for a refund they connected with me through email [] talked to different people, asked for some bank accounts and IDs and until now i didnt get my refund. is there any way you know i can talk to their manager and get my money?thanks in advance

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