Migrating Classic Blogger To WordPress Video

Migrating Classic Blogger To WordPress Video

As you all know, I try to support wordpress and blogger problems here in my blog but of course, I’m still going to vouch for wordpress if you ask me which platform I like more between the two. Now, this post is for blogger users who want to transfer to wordpress. I found this cool video tutorial that is going to make your transition faster and easier. I hope it will help you a lot of if want to leave the blogspot club and join the wordpress club.

Here is the video.

Basically, it requires you to be on Classic Blogger but based on the video, it first converts your classic blogger template to the new blogger. So this would apply to both classic and new blogger accounts.

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  1. Is it just me, or is that video site down? I’m getting an error message that says “Application temporarily unavailable”. I’ll check back later again.

  2. @bloggernoob thanks! I wanted to share with it cause I sometimes receive questions on how can they transfer to wordpress if they come from blogger. I hope this video can help answer their questions and problems. 🙂

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