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MMDA Bus Segregation Scheme Experience

MMDA Bus Segregation SchemeĀ Experience

MMDA Bus Segregation


When I go to work, I usually ride the MRT. However, a few days ago, I tried riding the bus instead of going to work. I initially just wanted to know how long the travel time would be and how convenient it was when compared to riding the MRT. Also, I can talk aboutĀ of the MMDA Bus Segregation scheme (rolled out last 2012) and how it applies in real life.

MMDA Bus Segregation - Short
What about the stops for Quezon Ave?

My first problem was that I need to go to Quezon Avenue but the infographics related to the bus segregation scheme only have Cubao as the farthest point. Gladly, there’s a picture from SolarNews ( that shows further and there I learned that I need to ride Bus B to get to Quezon Ave.

So my trip started and sadly, it was Makati Day so traffic was very heavy at Makati. It took around 30-40 minutes just to reach Edsa from Buendia. Once we arrived at EDSA, I started observing on how the Bus Segregation Scheme by MMDA gets implemented.

  1. Bus Drivers / Conductors are aware of the bus stops where they should be stopping only … sadly, some passengers don’t
  2. There are MMDA officers in front or at the bus stop to keep watch…
  3. However, the bus just needs to drive past them and they would now start picking up and dropping passengers (regardless of bus stop)
  4. I also noticed that there were a lot of stops that weren’t on bus stops. To which I believe I saw a few MMDA officers that just simply turned a blind eye to it ~especially around Cubao.
  5. There’s no time limit on how long a bus can stay on a bus stop … I’m glad nearby buses had free wifi.
  6. Lastly, as always, reckless driving is a norm for these buses. How many times have I tried to move away from the window seat because bus collision was so near.

Overall, the trip took me around two hours but I was seated for the whole trip. It also cost me more than what I usually spend when I travel via MRT and it was slower (I tried it again this week and got nearly the same time). The trip duration depends on how bad traffic is and how greedy the bus driver/conductor is.

I’ll continue to take the MRT on my future trips to office.

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