Mouse Recorder Pro for Windows

Mouse Recorder Pro

Mouse Recorder Pro

Have you been clicking repeatedly like a zombie in a few of your facebook online games? Well, with mouse recorder pro, you can simply do it once and let mouse recorder pro do the rest.

When I was playing Ninja Saga and Zoo World in facebook, I realized I was doing repetitive things like clicking the attacking button (Ninja Saga) or visiting each of my 200+ friends daily for a cash bonus (zoo world).

I was thinking hard on how to make this easier and I once heard my cousin tell me about a mouse recorder. The concept is simple, it will record your mouse movements and repeat it again and again until you tell it to stop. So I did a quick search and found Mouse Recorder Pro for windows.

I have tried it and it works. Basically, it simply records your mouse movement until you tell it to stop then when you press play, it will automatically move for you.

Note that your screen should not change because Mouse Recorder will not adjust the screen for you. It only stores the X:Y location on your screen so if you move to another window or scroll up/down the screen, it won’t work properly anymore.

For me, this is a great program and how I wish I already knew this when I was still playing Pet Society or even Restaurant City. I would have saved a lot of time by leaving my games open and letting mouse recorder do the work.

What do you think of this program? Do you think that this is cheating? or simply being lazy, innovating and automating something? I would love to go for the latter.

Mouse Recorder Pro download link is below.

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2 thoughts on “Mouse Recorder Pro for Windows

  1. Thanks a lot! It is really a nice tool…it helps me with ninja saga…since i bored doing the same things over and over again this tool really is fantastic!!! Thanks again

  2. i have try it and play it at ninja saga, it work, but it really safe? i scare getting ban…

    This the ninja saga official web said…

    E Use or distribute “auto” software programs, “macro” software programs or other “cheat utility” software program or applications, which include but not limited to the followings: Cheat Engine, Charles Web Debugging Proxy, Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy, Quick Macro, Macro Recorder, Jitbit Macro Recorder, Ghost Mouse, Mouse Recorder.

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