PWO - MP Assault (new formula)

MP Assault Preworkout Review

MP Assault Preworkout Review

PWO - MP Assault (new formula)

Aside from whey protein, there’s another type of supplement that can help us in our workouts. These supplements are called pre-workout and their goal is simple. Pre-workouts aim to provide an additional boost to your energy, endurance, etc to give you that physical and mental push to do more than what you have planned to do. It can be longer playing time; more reps; achieving a new personal record or whatever you want to do with a boost!

Important Info on Pre-workouts

But pre-workouts aren’t a pre-requisite for a good workout. Also, please be warned that some pre-workouts do have side-effects ranging from a crash (where you will feel very exhausted a few hours later), rashes or tingling sensations (when you see beta-alanine in the ingredients), headaches or even nausea. Also, you wouldn’t want to be very dependent on pre-workouts as you would get used to it and their effects would diminish; which either you would want to consume more dosages (not recommended) or just take a break from all pre-workouts.

So now that I have gotten that out; let me discuss the first pre-workout that I have tried and the name of this pre-workout is Assault, by Musclepharm. I have gone through two containers of MP assault where one was the old formula (1/2 scoop serving size) and the other would be the new formula (1 scoop serving size).

MP Assault (Old formula)

Whenever I open the container of the old formula of assault; it always amazes me because there would be a dry-ice effect upon opening. It gives you the idea that you just opened pandora’s box and you should be ready for what’s next. The powder was white and very easy to mix with water. I bought the grape flavor and it tasted like grape flavored gatorade. It does say to take it 20-30 minutes before your workout; and that I do try to follow. Noticeable effect on me would be a faster heartbeat like I’m palpitating and more stamina (playing a longer game of basketball). In terms of weightlifting; I’m not sure if it is just a placebo but I feel like I have more confidence in adding more weight in squats as compared to days where I don’t take it.

MP Assault (New formula)

I bought my second MP assault a few weeks after I have gone through the first tub. I was informed that this was the new formula of assault. Physically; it looks like a mixture of black and white sand and it had bigger granules than the old formula. In terms of mix-ability, more stirring was required and for the flavor was stronger. It was a few steps lower than wine in terms of taste but you can dilute it with more water to tone down the flavor. What I noticed here would be the disappearance of my palpitating heartbeat but the emergence of a tingling sensation in my ears and neck. The tingling is caused by beta-alanine in the ingredients so be warned. Again, in performance, be it placebo or not; I still get the same confidence boost.

Although I’m saddened by this tub. After a few weeks of usage; I noticed that it was starting to clump. I don’t know when or what caused this but I even tried blending┬ábut it didn’t help. I added another silica gel (from my empty vitamin bottle) but it also didn’t help. As of now; it has melted into a goo like state and I don’t think I’d want to take it anymore. I was still taking it while it was still clumping and it just required more stirring. I sent an email to Musclepharm regarding this and their advice was to send it back for a replacement which wasn’t an option for me as I didn’t buy it from them and I already threw out the reciept. I just hope I had a bad batch.

MP Assault’s (New Formula) Nutrition Profile:

PWO - MP Assault Nutritional Data 30serv


MP Assault’s Cost

I have bought both tubs for PHP 1,600 at Cash and Carry. Other online sellers have the bigger assault (with more servings) that cost around ~PHP 2,200.

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