My 10 blog goals for 2008

After looking back at 2007, it’s time to look forward to 2008 and set some goals for myself and this blog. When year 2008 ends, I’m going to dig this post from archives and check if I was able to achieve them.

Goal Setting

Goal # 1 : A new blog theme

I am not satisfied with my theme now. Although I followed Selaplana’s advice on changing to a new theme, I’m not really that satisfied with my theme now. Personally, it looks so empty. I need to look for a theme that’s better than this. So pardon me if I’ll try to join as many blog contests for now where the prizes at stake is a free blog theme.

If you can suggest some nice themes for me to use, feel free to do so. Thank you very much! 🙂

Goal # 2 : Increase number of unique visitors per day to 1000

As of today, I checked, it’s currently hanging at 200 to 250 unique visitors a day. I got 12 months to increase this to 4x or 5x or even more. I already have some ideas that I think will work on achieving this goal. If ever I’ll get desperate, I’ll just convert this into a pr0n blog. haha Just kidding.

Goal # 3 : Increase RSS Subscribers to 300

This goal is more difficult that increasing the number of unique visitors since it takes more work to convert a visitor into an RSS Subscriber. However, I will not let this dampen my spirits. I will look for ways to make you subscribe to my feeds.

Goal # 4 : Decrease bounce rate to 50%

According to Google Analytics, my bounce rate is 65% up. This means that for every 100 visitors that comes into the blog, 65 of them leaves right away. I think this has something to do with the “seo rich” posts. This is something I need to work on because I don’t know how to lessen my bounce rate. Do you know how?

Note to self: Must study this bounce rate thing.

Goal # 5 : Must not be late in reaching out weekly

Haha I had a good laugh when I reread this goal of mine. This is more of a personal issue. This is a blog feature that I introduced to this blog so I must not be lazy or late in dishing out my weekly issues. However, there are times that I’m not available to write the issue but I should not make it as an excuse since there is such a thing as post scheduling in wordpress.

Goal # 6 : Increase Page Rank to 4 or 5

Oh Google, raise me up! I’m currently at PageRank 3 for my homepage only. I lost the pagerank of my other pages when I changed my permalink structure. Woe is me.

Goal # 7 : Reach a five figure Alexa Rank

My Alexa currently is 222,660. As far as I know, Alexa rank is a combination of your traffic and number of pages they view. So I guess if I lower my bounce rate (Goal # 4) and increase my traffic (Goal # 1), my alexa rank will go up too. t

Goal # 8 : Set up another blog

Yeah! I need another blog. But I need a niche. Something that I’m really interested in and hopefully can help me achieve goal # 9. What do you think? What niche should I blog about? I’m currently looking at my blog stats in order to learn which of these are searched often enough and has enough traffic to be in its own individual blog.

Goal # 9 : Earn $100 a month through blogging

Ehem! A typical goal of a lot of bloggers. Let me join in too. 🙂

Goal # 10 : Have fun blogging!

Yup yup yup! With all these goals, you’d think that I’ll be blogging very seriously and think of it as school work or office work. Well, you are wrong there. I am still blogging to have fun and to learn. I’m not ready to make it my world or something. Unless I achieve goal # 9. Hehe 🙂

Ending note

So that’s my ten goals for this blog. I will not say, “I hope to achieve my goals for 2008” but instead this is what I’ll say, “I will achieve all of my goals for 2008!“.

How about you guys and gals? Have you set your goals for year 2008? I want to know your goals too. ^_^

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11 thoughts on “My 10 blog goals for 2008

  1. A lot of your goals looks achievable Allen. Good luck on that! 😀 I’m pretty much going the same route except for that weekly reaching out thing. Haha.

  2. Hey, let me know if you have the answer on reducing a blog’s bounce rate. Or post something about it, a guide perhaps if you already know how. I want to know din eh. 😀 Good luck on achieving your goals!

  3. Admirable goals. A few points of advice, if I may. To reduce the bounce rate, first and most important thing is the page loading time. Second, all visitors want to see is text and pictures, videos. No links, no sidebars, no extras. Lots of text. Getting to PR4 is no big deal, but PR5 is a different animal. For that, this kind of blogging probably won’t be sufficient. Lastly, to make more money, you need to contact advertisers directly and charge monthly or per click or banner view, instead of depending on ad networks like adsense. Wish you luck.

    1. Thanks Ling. Any advice you can give is always appreciated. I’m learning a lot from the comments you are giving me. Thank you very much. I will keep these in mind.

      My first goal is a change of template. Hopefully I can do it asap. 🙂

  4. Ya go for your goals. If you haven’t tried it you never know whether it is reachable or not. About that page rank I don’t think blog will get more than 4 after the google update. I guess only very strong blog would ever have a chance to reach at least 5.

    Ya I agree your bounce rate quite high. Maybe you can test for 2 week or so by taking out that google ad block at the top. And the your new theme do looks some kind of empty. Why not put some light background on the left and right. Anyway wish you all the best in 2008.

    1. Hi redspace,

      For the pagerank, it’s ok if I don’t reach PR 5. PR 4 would be ok. My audience is still not that strong enough.

      In terms on bounce rate, I”m still experimenting but I just followed your tip. I removed the ads on the top of the post.

      thank you.

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