My blog and PHILHOSTING.NET are down… AGAIN!

I am tired of the constant downtimes is serving their clients… Just today, my blog, other customers of and even their own website of was down… Downtime started early morning, perhaps 11pm yesterday up to 10am today..

What kind of service is this?

Their tagline, Affordable Solutions for everyone true…

but what about reliability?!

… I need to switch webhosts asap… haha any suggestions?

Starts to backup his files for fear of being a sore loser… Let this be a lesson to everyone, remember that price is not the only factor to consider when choosing a webhosting… πŸ˜€

Hey guys, if you have suggestions on a nice webhosting to switch too… please suggest asap.. I want to leave this piece of **** webhosting.. haha

31 thoughts on “My blog and PHILHOSTING.NET are down… AGAIN!

  1. You’ll see their lawyers knocking on your door on Monday morning asking you to go with them right before you leave home for your job interview! Wahehehe!.

    I already submitted my support ticket. Hmm… I want GoGaddy! *grin

  2. Hehe

    @Eli and Winston – I’ll take it into account in my research for a new webhost.

    @Pinoyunited – Yup, that’s what I need to do for now. haha πŸ˜€

    The only thing that keeps me from leaving completely is that I still have 4 months left in the 6months that I paid for. haha

    1. Wow! 3 days! I read in JP the eagleman’s post that Philhosting was adding a new server last weekend that’s why there was a downtime. But why did it take 3 days for your blog to get online? hmmm

  3. it’s not worth waiting until that period ends. I must say, viited you a few times before and it’s down. same with pinoyblogero. however pinoy am website seems online most of the time. perhaps you can ask him which hosting he’s on.

    how much did you pay anyway? not that i’ll give you the money he he he.

  4. i just got an anonymous comment on my blog…comment was something about me as naninira ng puri……a simple research on the IP recorded was the location was from Makati…i was able to track where it came from….guess what..from the philhosting office..looks like they don’t like being reviewed…i remember giving them a “philhosting sucks” review…it saddens me that they have to retaliate that way when they should just be improving their service..if they get to read this..peace philhosting….a review is something you should not take personally….trabaho lang…if you did your job right…you won’t be getting any comment like that..:)

  5. yah. it sucks. it’s good for making cheap static pages. they have a promo now, so maybe get the 25 peso one, get 50% off, you have some cheap website that will at least get crawled by the major search engines.

    still, i’m going to put up my own reseller with another good host from the US, i’ll let you guys know.

    David’s last blog post..Between Poverty and Paradise

  6. awts! too bad, kakabayad ko lang at kakaregister sa philhosting nung wednesday night eh. wahh

    amfness, haha. ^_^

    salamat sa paalala, hmm. baka pag naulit pa yung pagddown nung site eh baka lumipat ako next month, haha. ^_6 thanks ulet.

    by the way, earthlotus here.

    earthlotus’s last blog post..Bata..

  7. @David – Hi David, I just checked out their site and they do have a promo on valentines. But isn’t it just for annual plans? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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  9. @Dominic – Hello Dominic, I moved my site to a new host and it is HostGator. Well, so far, my uptime has been excellent compared to when I was in Philhosting. But my main reason for moving was because I ran out of bandwidth in my hosting plan in philhosting and HostGator has a better plan. πŸ™‚

  10. Sad that you have to undergo this scenario and experience.

    With VERTITO, as Philippine’s web hosting, we do not have late payment fees of invoices specially at this point of economy. We make sure we deal with our tickets on time as we provide true 7Γ—24 ticketing support, you can even send us test email at support at vertito dot com to test our responsiveness.

    We even provide monthly 10% discount coupons on new sign ups, we even provide free domain, free ssl, free whoisguard on selected plans and billing cycles with 30-days money back guarantee + 99.9% uptime guarantee. Yes, we would pay your domain and your domain renewal just for you to sign up with at at $1.67 USD per month.

    Our shared hosting plans start at $1 USD or 50 peso per month (without free domain) giving our client our minimum server resources at 1GB space/10GB traffic with unlimited domain / email hosting.

    We may be new to your eyes, but we are never new to this expertise and line of field.

  11. Reading this post makes me all glad I’m with Philwebservices. No complaints here.

    Good luck guys.

  12. Our site also went down, I really hate it, kasi napakaimportante nung site ko… Gamit pa naman namin sa online tutorials grabe talaga

  13. I’m glad I switched host. @ Tzar, if your website goes down (2-5 hours), expect that your files and database is reverted back to the old content.

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