my blog is not receiving trackbacks and pingbacks

I had a problem before where my blog was not <b>receiving trackbacks and pingbacks</b>. Although the solution was an error on my part, I’ll still share it.

How did I discover about this problem?

Sample Trackbacks

I got to know this when I went to my wordpress admin dashboard and I see these incoming links to my blog. I checked them out and some of them are linking to my post. I should be expecting a trackback but I did not get any so I concluded that something was wrong.


I browsed around the web looking for solutions to these problems but I could not find anything that could help me. Most of them are talking about the xmlrpc.php file. I decided to look where my xmlrpc.php file too and tried to access it by typing it in my address bar. And there you have it, problem solved.

No wonder I could not receive any trackbacks or pingbacks. It’s because the file that is processing them (xmlrpc.php) is not accessible. This is a side-effect of my changing of permalink structure last November 2007. Basically, what I did last November was to redirect to only. For example, the post will become However, it also affected my xmlrpc.php file which was located inside the blog folder. It became which does not exist.

I made a simple fix in my .htaccess file and my problem is solved. I added this line. This is like making an exemption to the rule in the previous paragraph.

RewriteRule ^xmlrpc.php – [L]

Trackback / Pingback Test

You can start make a test trackback / pingback by going to this site, Test Track. It’s a wordpress blog that you can make a random post and link to any of your articles to see if there’s a trackback created.

uncheck require to leave a name

5 thoughts on “my blog is not receiving trackbacks and pingbacks

  1. im thinking of buying a domain and putting all my old post there..

    im sure it’s thesame when you moved your blog from /blog to root…

    hope you can help me with that one too..

    thanks! 🙂

  2. i think only WordPress blogs can ping your WordPress blog. For example, if I am using platform then I will link back to a WordPress blog, the trackback will only be established if I will ping the WordPress blog manually.

    However, WordPress blog sometimes do not ping the linked (another) WordPress blog especially if your server is in overload.

    Another thing: the listed sites at your dashboard-Incoming links are from the data of Google Blog Search Engine.

    Well…. that’s only my thought. I am not really sure with it

  3. I had a very similar problem but with my RSS Feed.@SELaplana is not true,i received pings from forums as well so not only wordpress can send trackbacks.

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