My blog’s purpose

One week has passed (filler paragraph)…

Time flies so fast! I can’t believe that it has already been a week since this site has been online. For the past week I have been busy tweaking the blog technically that it affected my posts. As you can see in my archives, most of my posts are technical in nature. These are actually my experiences in trying to make this blog look good, optimized and have lots of features. Let us move on to the main purpose of this post.

What is your blog’s purpose?

Ever since I started this blog, I have been asked by people on what will I be focusing on? Now that I think about it, what should I be focusing on? People might conclude that this blog will be about technical stuffs since most of the articles are about technical stuffs. However, I don’t think that is the case. I was thinking that this blog will be focusing on my experiences in the blogging world.

What do you mean by “experiences in the blogging world”?

Hmmm that’s a hard question. -_- Why did I have to ask that? oops! Basically what I will be writing here are things that I have learned through blogging. It can be technical in nature, it can be about writing tips, optimizing your blog, bringing in traffic, or even earning money through blogging. I will also be blogging about my failures and success in the world of blogging.

Just like what I have said before, “every mistake is something new to learn“. I have been blogging for a long time and I can proudly say that I have committed a lot of mistakes. I tried my best to know the cause of mistakes and learn from them. Through these mistakes, I have grown to be a better blogger. I can’t claim that I am a great blogger since I am not but I can say that I am progressing bit by bit, one mistake at a time.

Note: I was having a writers block while I was writing this post so I was just writing anything that comes into my mind below.
Allen: Oh right, I’m going to be blogging today!
voice: Oh no you won’t! I won’t allow you!
Allen: Who the hell?
voice: Who the hell you back! I am your master!
Allen: Master? Who?
Blog: It’s me! The blog! The one who are writing on right now!
Allen: Oh ! it is just you, blog.
Blog: Don’t call me blog you foolish boy, I am THE blog.
Allen: I will call you blog and just blog. On second thought, why should I call you?
Blog: If you do not obey me by calling me THE blog, I will cease my function and ban you from blogging…forever!
Allen: Oh really? How can you that?
Blog: By refusing to accept your words, your keystrokes, your mouse clicks!
Allen: Oh really? I’m so scared… so scared that I peed on my pants boohoo..
Blog: You dare mock me mortal? You dare insult my capabilities?
Allen: Yeah! Because as far as I know, I am the ruler of this blog… and since this blog is you, I am your ruler.
Blog: You are mistaken, I am THE blog and your master!
Allen: Baah Shadap! I never imagine a blog could talk and be so talkative.
Blog: Ofcourse! I am not just any ordinary blog, I am THE blog.
Allen: uhh then?
Blog: You fool! I have never been insulted this much in my whole week of existence! You shall pay!
Allen: Oh cut the cr** ******e , I am hungry so I need to go now.
Blog: Ha! Before you can proceed mortal, you have to defeat me first!
Allen: What does this button do? (publish button)
Blog: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo…
The end

8 thoughts on “My blog’s purpose

  1. a blog with a purpose is good. just like life with a purpose. 😛 hihi. i remember blogging about my blog conviction and purpose and as to why do i blog.

    nice convo. hihi

    1. Yup. This is one thing that is important for new blogs. What will be its content all about to have a direction. =)

  2. hehe ^_^ i also wonder what’s my purpose for creating a blog.. it’s my first blog though, so the topics are pretty broad.

    *bossing, sa IE nakahiwalay pala yung box na itu ^_^ :mrgreen:

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