My Experience with a Phisher and Phishing Website

My Experience with a Phisher and Phishing Website

Today, someone emailed me that she likes my blog and would like to donate to my blog…

She asked for my paypal account (which unfortunately I gave … ) then she emailed me that she is having problems sending money to my paypal account and she sent a screenshot. When I clicked the linked, I got a page asking me to log-in to google.

I was like.. why do I need to log-in to Google because I’m already logged in due to using GMAIL. When I check other google sites, I could simply click “take me to my account” and I’m already logged in. So there I was suspicious.

The website looks like Picasa Web but first thing I noticed is the URL. It doesn’t say anything about Picasaweb. I also did some checking on what the real website is and I was able to go in without logging in.

In summary, here is what I noticed that is wrong and you can use these as checks to know if you are being phished or not

  • The URL is suspicious
  • The link in the email and the website it went isn’t the same
  • The original website doesn’t look like that or doesn’t have those features
  • It sounded too good to be true

So I replied to that email and then reported it to Google as a phishing email. Too bad I didn’t get the email address which I can give a warning of her yahoo account.

Beware of this website!!! It tries to copy

Anyway, be careful . Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t 😉

Before you input your log-in info, double check and possibly triple the website.

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