My first Taste Asia Blogger Meet Up

My first Taste Asia Blogger Meet Up


This is the second Taste Asia Blogger Meet Up that was held in SM Mall of Asia but it’s my first time joining it. Although it’s kind of late to post this, allow me to retell the story of my experience in this blogger meet up. ^_^I first got to know that there was such an event when Ms. Aileen Apolo wrote a comment about it in here. Upon knowing it, I quickly checked my schedule if there would be a conflict like what if I have to go home to Iloilo or have some thesis requirements in school. I’m glad there was none to stop me from confirming my attendance.

On the day of the event, Karlo @ Pinoyblogero and I went to SM Mall of Asia way ahead of time. It was just about 2pm I think and the event will start on 730pm. We were looking for fellow bloggers to hang out with us but we could not contact anybody. (fast forwarding to the event)

When we went to taste asia, there were already lots of people there. I can recognize a few from my first blogger meet up (Digital Filipino). We registered, got our name tags and received a list of blogger names that would attend. We are supposed to go and meet the other bloggers while asking them to sign on the list of bloggers. At the registration, Karlo introduced me to Jerico.

Inside the venue, I met Ms. Noemi and Billycoy. We were hanging out on the tables when waiters started offering us finger foods (siomai, cheese sticks, dumplings and pizza). There was also a waiter that offered us green tea and we were shocked when we drank it. It contained the following ingredients, H20, ginebra san mig gin, sugar, tea extract, natuqe identifcal flavors, gin concentrate, citric acid and FD&C colors.

So after eating a few finger food, we decided to go out and hunt for signatures. I also got to know new and old friends. This is one good thing that happens when you attend eyeballs or meet ups, you get to know the people behind their online identities or their blogs. Some really resemble who they are in their blogs, some don’t so it is not wise to make assumptions or expectations on somebody unless you have met them in person.

There was a writing contest (SM Hypermart Blog Writing contest) included in the show, (I did not know about this so I wasn’t able to join -_-). Anyways, congratulations to the winners especially to AnitoKid who won the grand prize, trip to Kuala Lumpur. Allow me to present the list of winners…

Grand Prize (trip for 2 to Kuala Lumpur) – Anitokid
1st Runner Up (Sanyo digital camera) – Anton Diaz

Winners of a DVD Player
Ganns Dean
Butch Dado
Annabelle Caloschoy

Winners of the Nike Sunglasses
Olivia Burgos
Rowena Wendy Lei
Myrna Co
Dine Racoma

Now, it’s time for some link love! I would like to link up those people that I have met and got their signature. Oh, I also got a prize for having a lot of signatures. I did not get first place (which the prize was a dvd player) but I got two packs of grocery items (it’s not sinigang mix :P).

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  1. Twas nice meeting you! Next time, pwede pong magsalitaa, kahit konti lang! hehehe. Nilinklove na kita dun sa post ko. hehehe

  2. @LA, nice meeting you too! 😀

    @Karlo – haha salamat! ung cookie meet up darn! hehe

    @SELaplana – Nah, you are still the popular one. Someone I look up too. 😀

    @AJ – Yes boss. Sorry I’m not that vocal when I’m still shy. haha

    @Tom – Sure no problem. ^_^

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