Genki Car Spa: Double Wax Package

My friend has been telling me of a great car spa around Banawe, Quezon City area. The name of the place was Genki Car Spa. Yesterday, I went there to see what is it all about and prepare myself to spend cash for my car…Location: Genki Car Spa is located along Nicanor Reyes street near an intersection with Banawe street in Quezon City. What I did to find it was to go from Maria Clara to Nicanor and simply go straight. If you are from Banawe, when you see Nicanor street, just turn right and you will see it after a few meters.

Services Offered: Car wash, vacuum, car wax, detailing, dent repairs etc.. I could not remember everything

My experience:

I was simply curious so I went there. I was planning to try out their wax even though it is expensive. I got the double wax package that costs around P570 ($11). Basically this package includes already the car wash, vacuum, tire black application and of course, the waxing of your car. When I got there, I checked out the place. It was really nothing special, just a big open lot and lots of people. I thought that if I went around 4pm in the afternoon, there would be less people but I was wrong. It was still crowded and I was 5th in line for service.

*Fast Forward* Yey my car is now being washed! But what I was excited for is the waxing. I was really near my car watching them wax it. First they applied the wax in circular motion then another guy uses this rotating sponge to wipe off the wax. It really looks shiny and they did it twice. The first one was the polish and the second one was the wax (Meguire).

I remembered before when I did the waxing on my car just outside of my house. It really was a tiring exercise. I had to rub the wax nonstop all over the car and my hand was getting numb due to that. After applying, I waited for it to dry and wiped it off again. It was really tiresome (i had to repeat this because I want to emphasize how tired I was after doing it).

I was satisfied. Although it is a bit heavy on the wallet but if this lasts for about 3-4 months, I am happy. You should try it too once in a while. But it is your choice, you can save your money (do it yourself) or you can save your energy (pay others to do it).

My next target would be another spa, but for myself this time.

PS: Sorry I have no pictures 🙁


Genki Car Spa, Banawe
Maria Clara (Banawe), Quezon City, Philippines


11 thoughts on “Genki Car Spa: Double Wax Package

  1. $11 sounds pretty cheap for a car wax and the other stuff. Is that about what it costs there, or was this a special deal?

  2. Comforter Covers says:

    Wow, that sounds great! I wish we had a Car Spa here in the states. Too bad you don’t have any pictures.

  3. I agree with Ling, $11 sounds pretty cheap! I’d love to get that done. It takes so long to wax your own car. I still have wax in places that I cannot get out from the first time I waxed my car, so I stay away from doing it as much as possible. Luckily I do have a garage so it doesn’t bake in the sun all day.

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    • @Investing Smart, well, we are from a low cost country so those are the range of prices. Would you believe that a cash wash only costs around $2 or even less. 🙂

  4. sandra washington says:

    Err… i’d rather spend that on myself. Or maybe on my car but only twice a year, max. Times are hard, my friend. 🙂

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    • @sandra washington, I see. I just wanted to try it out and I can say it is worth the spend. However, if want to save, you can always do it at home and use products from stores. 🙂

  5. ive tried their car wash,their work is clean. compared to other car wash in qc.

  6. Interesting post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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