My Goals for 2008 after 3 months

At the start of the year, I gave myself ten goals. Now after 3 months, here’s the updates on them.

Goal Setting

Goal # 1 : A new blog theme

Status = Done! I achieved this last January 2007 by installing a new blog theme.

Goal # 2 : Increase number of unique visitors per day to 1000

January = ~391 uniques
February = ~627 uniques
March = ~622 aww it dropped 🙁

So far so good. Just 400 more.

Goal # 3 : Increase RSS Subscribers to 300

Wow! I have reached this goal! Currently I have 342 subscribers!!! Although most of them are email subscribers. Want to join them? Then please subscribe to my feeds.

Goal # 4 : Decrease bounce rate to 50%

Bounce rate is still high. I blame as one of the reasons. I should ban visitors from that site. hehe

January – 61.28%
February – 67.46%
March – 65.06%

Goal # 5 : Must not be late in reaching out weekly

Aww I’ve skipped some reaching out weekly so I fail this goal 🙁

Goal # 6 : Increase Page Rank to 4 or 5

Ha! Google spare me! ^_^

Goal # 7 : Reach a five figure Alexa Rank

Hey hey, today I just checked and my Alexa Rank is now 88,462! Goal!

Goal # 8 : Set up another blog

I have made two other blogs but I’m still not making enough money from them. Soon if they won’t convert, I’ll scrap them. ^_^

Goal # 9 : Earn $100 a month through blogging

Counting adsense and paid posts, I should be able to reach this soon. My adsense has great lately for the months of February and March!

Adsense for January – $4.77 bwahahaa
Adsense for February – $40.33
Adsense for March – $62.61

Goal # 10 : Have fun blogging!

I’m currently having fun but sometimes, I feel like it’s work so I stop once in a while and do other things.

Hmmm only 3 out of 10 so far. I believe I can do better! ^_^

16 thoughts on “My Goals for 2008 after 3 months

  1. Read your whole goal list…m impressed that you set your goals and try to fulfill them by duedate. I got to learn a lot from you mate.

    David Williams’s last blog post..Battling Bulimia

  2. I am very impressed by your progress so far. A 1.6 increase in traffic is pretty impressive. Congrats. 40 dollars in adsense is really good too!

  3. congrats of meeting some of the goals Allen!

    Good luck on the next goal conquering!

  4. @David – Yeah. Giving myself a deadline gives me a sense of urgency to achieve these goals. Hmm what do you want to learn from me? 🙂

  5. @Porch – Thanks. I’ve still learning more on the way and I hope to increase them more.

  6. @Eli – Thanks! How about you? Do you have your own goals too for this year?

  7. Well I don’t have a few months goal, but the ultimate goal is too earn comfortable enough with blogging! 🙂

    but that’s a bad way of setting goal.. it must be specific like yours

  8. @Eli – Actually these goals are good for one year. I was just writing this as a checkpoint. But you are right, you really need something specific.

  9. Hello, this is good goals. In my blog I have the same statistic so that don`t worry everything will be more and more month after month. 🙂

  10. You’re right on target. You still have 9 months left to hit 7 goals!

    Jagdu’s last blog post..Buy a New Car in Fresno

  11. wow. google adsense from $4 -$40? howd you do that? i wish i could be as serious as you guys. i still have a loooot to learn.

    phaelun’s last blog post..Brian Gorrell beat me!!!

  12. @Fary – Yeah! I hope so. Seeing the progress of my goals drives me to try harder. 🙂

  13. @Jagdu – I will try to post more follow-ups soon to see if some of my goals are within reach.

  14. @Phaelun – Hello. Hmm ok, I’ll share. On February, it was due to the Valentine’s event. In March, it was Pacquiao. Ranking in search engines really does help earning in adsense 🙂

  15. Looks good, except for the income part. Surely you can do better than that. Maybe you should take a look at some more advertisers. I feel that, given your traffic & stats, you can do a lot better.

    Ling’s last blog post..$1000 Contest – San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter

  16. buti kapa.. ako nga rin i will work hard for myadsense hehe

    rai’s last blog post..element of love

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