My Goals for 2008 after 3 months

At the start of the year, I gave myself ten goals. Now after 3 months, here’s the updates on them.

Goal Setting

Goal # 1 : A new blog theme

Status = Done! I achieved this last January 2007 by installing a new blog theme.

Goal # 2 : Increase number of unique visitors per day to 1000

January = ~391 uniques
February = ~627 uniques
March = ~622 aww it dropped 🙁

So far so good. Just 400 more.

Goal # 3 : Increase RSS Subscribers to 300

Wow! I have reached this goal! Currently I have 342 subscribers!!! Although most of them are email subscribers. Want to join them? Then please subscribe to my feeds.

Goal # 4 : Decrease bounce rate to 50%

Bounce rate is still high. I blame as one of the reasons. I should ban visitors from that site. hehe

January – 61.28%
February – 67.46%
March – 65.06%

Goal # 5 : Must not be late in reaching out weekly

Aww I’ve skipped some reaching out weekly so I fail this goal 🙁

Goal # 6 : Increase Page Rank to 4 or 5

Ha! Google spare me! ^_^

Goal # 7 : Reach a five figure Alexa Rank

Hey hey, today I just checked and my Alexa Rank is now 88,462! Goal!

Goal # 8 : Set up another blog

I have made two other blogs but I’m still not making enough money from them. Soon if they won’t convert, I’ll scrap them. ^_^

Goal # 9 : Earn $100 a month through blogging

Counting adsense and paid posts, I should be able to reach this soon. My adsense has great lately for the months of February and March!

Adsense for January – $4.77 bwahahaa
Adsense for February – $40.33
Adsense for March – $62.61

Goal # 10 : Have fun blogging!

I’m currently having fun but sometimes, I feel like it’s work so I stop once in a while and do other things.

Hmmm only 3 out of 10 so far. I believe I can do better! ^_^

16 thoughts on “My Goals for 2008 after 3 months

  1. Read your whole goal list…m impressed that you set your goals and try to fulfill them by duedate. I got to learn a lot from you mate.

    David Williams’s last blog post..Battling Bulimia

  2. Well I don’t have a few months goal, but the ultimate goal is too earn comfortable enough with blogging! 🙂

    but that’s a bad way of setting goal.. it must be specific like yours

  3. @Eli – Actually these goals are good for one year. I was just writing this as a checkpoint. But you are right, you really need something specific.

  4. Hello, this is good goals. In my blog I have the same statistic so that don`t worry everything will be more and more month after month. 🙂

  5. wow. google adsense from $4 -$40? howd you do that? i wish i could be as serious as you guys. i still have a loooot to learn.

    phaelun’s last blog post..Brian Gorrell beat me!!!

  6. @Phaelun – Hello. Hmm ok, I’ll share. On February, it was due to the Valentine’s event. In March, it was Pacquiao. Ranking in search engines really does help earning in adsense 🙂

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