My Marhgil Macuha Searching Guide

Due to Marhgil Macuha’s $150 Mini SEO contest, a lot of bloggers have been posting like mad trying to optimize for the keywords “Marhgil Macuha“. I’m not an exception as this is my fourth post for that keyword.

However, my goal for this post is not to talk about “marhgil macuha” but I would like to teach you on where I got the screenshot for my search engine rankings. I think you will remember this image one of my previous posts.

Silkenhut's Marhgil Macuha SERP

So do you want to know where I got this image from?

The image the you see above came from a free search engine keyword ranking tool located at Mike’s Marketing tools (very long name eh?)


Search Engine Rankings offers instant, online reports of web site rankings in 9 top search engines and web directories, including Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Yahoo! Directory, Open Directory (Dmoz), and LookSmart – FREE! (Source)

The search engine ranking tool returns the same results as a manual search at from within the U.S.


Using this tool is pretty easy and straightforward. Just type your domain and the keyword you want to see your rankings and press “check rankings”.

Mike Marketing Tools

A pop-up window will then open showing you your latest rankings from different search engines. If you are in the top 50 search engine results for that keyword, your rank will be shown. If not, then your rank will be “No”.

This tool also logs your previous searches so you can search everyday to see if there’s progress in your search engine rankings.
Note # 1: Although Marhgil already suggested that we should log out of our Google accounts in order to avoid biased search engine results, I’m too lazy to log out so I just use this. However, I don’t know which Google location Marhgil will use for his judging.

Update: Apparently, somebody asked Marhgil on what Google Search will he use for the contest. Marhgil has replied that he will use and NOT (Source). So now my question is, is the search engine results the same as the search from within the United States? If so then this tool will be very useful.

9 thoughts on “My Marhgil Macuha Searching Guide

  1. Ayun! I was about to ask you where you got the results of the rankings. hehe. Now I can check how I fare against other blogs on the “Allen loves hentai” keyword.

    Just kidding. Peace.

  2. hi! i’ll use, logged out, with cache cleared when checking for the result on January 4. I don’t know if they are the same with the results on the US, but probably they are. 🙂

  3. Everybody seems to be busy with Marhgil’s mini contest. Even if he doesn’t want it to be called as an SEO contest, seems like that’s it.

    BTW, I have an entry to the contest and guys here might want to take a look at it here …. Marhgil Macuha Post..

    Good Luck to all!

  4. You guys seem to be taking this contest pretty seriously. You know what would really, really help you out to win this contest? Head over to Marhgil Macuha’s blog, and post a link there back to your blog post.:)

  5. Ang galing.. Ok to ah.. Malabo na ako manalo dito sa Mahgil MAcuha.. Keyword pero masaya na rin ako at maedyo nasa Firts and 2nd page rin naman .. Ok na yun..Sa mga nagunguna.. pagbutihan nyo at mas masaya ako kapag pinoy ang nanalo..

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