My Most Expensive Sleep

My Most Expensive Sleep

Last year, I was supposed to be in Iloilo as of December 19, 2010 but I only touched Iloilo on December 20, 2010 because of my most expensive sleep. I’m sure that I’m really over this experience so I can retell this without slapping myself silly for sleeping on the airport.

Let me retell the story of my most expensive sleep…

I was awoken by a call (our helper and the driver). She told me that they are already in the condominium so I panicked. Well, not really, I still paced casually as it was just 930am and my flight was still on 1:45pm. I ate breakfast, took a bath, made some last minute preparations and away I go (it was around 11am I believe). We arrived at the airport in just a short time because we used the Skyway (no traffic and it was a Sunday).

I got off, checked in and was already waiting for my flight with a lot of time to spare. Now, I had three choices to waste my time, [1] open my laptop and do whatever I can, [2] play psp as I did charge it a few hours before or [3] get some more sleep. I opted for option number 3. I was practicing the technique of sleeping with an awkward position and I was able to doze off a lot…

At one point, (still groggy after dozing a lot), I heard that our flight was delayed because the plane has not arrived yet. It was already our boarding time but there was no other announcements (or I just did not hear it). I don’t know when but when I noticed that nobody was beside me, I changed my sleeping position and I was now occupying two chairs to have a better sleeping position and a few minutes later (or maybe an hour or so), I will regret doing this position…

I got up at around 3:15pm and was wondering why haven’t we left yet. I looked at the signs and it was already changing to another flight (another airline even) so I ran to the nearest gate with still the same airline and asked, did the Iloilo flight already left and… they answered yes… I was shocked. All drowsiness just left my body as I was trying to understand how the hell did I get stuck on the airport while my flight has already flown out of Manila. They checked their computer and found my name. I was the only one that got left behind because I wasn’t able to board on time.Panic mode!

I asked them if I could still be put on the next flight but they said they can’t. Since I already checked-in, they could no longer rebook me to another flight. Poor me! So that only thing I could do now is to buy another plane ticket home. Just thinking that it is already peak season and I’m about to buy an instant ticket made me shudder at the price but I had no choice but to face it.

I called my parents to tell them about this bad news. They agreed that I should buy a new ticket so I ran to the ticketing office and the next available flight was tomorrow morning at 5am for the cost of PHP4500. OMG! I swiped my card and started thinking on how to get home. I was thankful my friend knows around the area so I was able to ask “how to commute” directions when I called…

So my travel comprised of this…(while carrying my 14kg luggage)

  1. Ride the shuttle (PHP20) from Naia3 to Edsa-Taft Metropoint
  2. Ride Jeepney from Edsa-Taft to Buendia-Taft
  3. Ride Bus from Buendia to Makati…

and I’m home! and so very stressed so I decided to eat somewhere with a buffet. I even brought my friend (well forced that friend) to eat with me just to share my eating-while-stressed ability. After eating like pigs, we parted ways and I went home. It was around 930pm and I still have got lots of time to spare. My plan was to get to the airport by 1am and prepare there so I slept a bit, and got up at around1230am (my alarm clock was one time 😉 ). I rode a taxi (first time to commute back and forth to the airport actually) and was there in just a few minutes. I waited in line for the entrance and the slow check-in counter but I was optimistic because it was very early.

After check-in I rushed to the waiting area and every 20 minutes or so, I would ask the counter for news whether the plane was delayed? are we on time? Is this the right area? (Well, I was that paranoid already). Our flight did get delayed for a few minutes (although based on their standards, as long as it is not pass 15 minutes, it is considered on time) and by around 630am, I was out in Iloilo airport and now traveling home to my kingdom (lol). I got my well deserved rest and started by good life, although delayed by around 16 hours.

Total Expenses:

  • ~PHP2700 – Plane ticket
  • PHP400 – Terminal Fees
  • PHP4500 – New Plane Ticket
  • ~PHP50 – Airport to home
  • ~PHP80 – Home to airport

Hope you enjoyed and learned some lessons from my story. But most importantly, to the person who was there for me,

I want to thank YOU for…

  • …offering advice not to be stressed
  • …teaching me how to commute home
  • …pigging out with me
  • …being my alarm clock at 1230am sharp!
  • …keeping me company till I boarded the plane so that I won’t sleep again
  • …simply, being there.

haha cheesy moment 😀

Till next time,


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  1. Really sorry to hear that. It is always a good idea to get plenty of sleep before to getting into some important event like this.

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