HP SimpleSave 1 TB Desktop External Harddrive

My New HP SimpleSave 1 TB Desktop External Harddrive

HP SimpleSave 1TB

Yesterday, I was in SM Manila because they have a three day sale and I explored their CyberZone (a place where they grouped those who sells consoles, computers and cellphones all together in one place). I decided to canvass some of the prices and yet I bought something that I did not even canvass first. This is so different from the research I did when I bought my Lumix ZS3 camera.

Oh well, I was at first thinking of not going through with it but as I swiped my credit card, I now have a new gadget to play with. I welcome you, my new HP SimpleSave 1 Terabye Desktop External Harddrive, pretty long name huh? I was planning to get myself a portable hard drive but decided that will be my next purchase in the future.

Here is my sole picture of it after I opened it.

HP SimpleSave Unboxed

and here is the picture of it in action. Not much difference actually from the one from the unboxed picture because you will just see a blue LED light there indicating disk access.

HP SimpleSave In Action

The box comes with the following items:

  • The HP SimpleSave 1 TB hard disk
  • AC Adaptor
  • USB Cable
  • A quick install guide for the hardware

I connected it to my work laptop (it’s a HP product btw since I work there lol) and started reading the documentation inside.

Is it really 1 terabyte of space? Well, check this out.

Capacity = 999, 500, 541, 952 bytes or 930 GB? So actually, I did not get 1 terabyte because 1 terabyte should be 1024 GB right? Hmmm… or wait.. I’m not sure, bits or bytes..

Bundled Software – SimpleSave

hp simplesave

HP added a software called SimpleSave to their drives and their aim for this software is to be able to backup your data in the most simplest way and unfortunately, this is a software that many people are complaining about in the forums I have read.

When you plug in the software, you will automatically gain two new drives. Yes, two instead of one.

  1. HP Launcher = this is the first one and all it does is to launch the SimpleSave application
  2. HP SimpleSave = this is your external hard disk

The first complaint I’ve been reading is how they can disable SimpleSave from running and remove that extra drive that this software brings. Well, I managed to disable SimpleSave accidentally because my autorun is turned off. However, for removing the extra drive, I have no idea.

I’m still playing around with SimpleSave and actually did a test run yesterday. I would agree that the mechanism is very simple.

  1. Run the software
  2. Accept the licensed agreement
  3. Start (or you may want to check out the options where you can specify the folders / file types to backup)

hp 1tb simplesave software

Now as you can see, it is now doing a back-up of my laptop and the time it took for it to back-up 31.7 GB was around an hour. I’m not sure if this is fast or slow. I would assume that the disk has a 7200 RPM since it is an external hard disk.

After running the program, I checked the contents of the back-up and it really looks like a mirror of my computer where the folder structure is intact (too bad it doesn’t back-up your OS and registry).

Restoring the Back-up

I have not tried the actual restoration of files but based on what I see in the program, it will be able to restore the whole back-up or specific folders. However, I don’t think it can restore specific files because I can only select folders. However, you can still restore them manually by going to the disk and finding your files (remember, it copied the folder structure of your computer so you will know where the find it).


Restoring the backup is easy. It will copy back the files with the same directory structure so it is very useful when reformat your computer or when you buy a new one. Of course, it is only good for the files (such as documents, emails, mp3s) and not program files.

Recurring Back-up feature by HP SimpleSave

Also, a little warning, after doing the back-up, the SimpleSave application will still be running but in background. It will check your computer when it is idle (you are not doing anything) and try to do a back-up again to check which files have been changed. Although this would sound like a good feature, I killed the SimpleSave process because copying files slows down the laptop and it will be doing this every time you are out. I believe a back-up once a week (or once a day if you want) is ok but not every time you take a bathroom break.

Cannot Safely remove hardware – Problem [Solved]

This is a new problem that I have. How do I “safely remove hardware” the drive? It always says that the drive is busy even if I have turned off windows explorer and other programs. Does this mean that I have to do a complete shutdown before I can remove the drive?

Update: Never mind this problem. It seems it got fixed already. Remember what I said above that when you plug it in, you will gain two drives? Before, if I want to “safely remove hardware” either of the drives, I get the error. But now, when I click on “safely remove hardware”, they are now bundled as one so I’m able to do the “Safely remove hardware” without any issues now.

Well, that is all I have for now on this new gadget I have. You can check it out at Amazon for only $99 = HP SimpleSave 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

Lastly, I’m proud to say that this HP SimpleSave external hard drive is a product of my blogging earnings.

HP SimpleSave MD1000h Specs:

Product Specifications
• Interface: 
   USB 2.0 
• System compatibility:  
    Microsoft Windows
XP, Windows Vista
, Windows 7
• Storage capacities:  
   1 TB or 2 TB  
• Environmental specifications: 
   5°C to 35°C    Operating Temperature 
   -40°C to 65°C Non Operating Temperature 
• Drive dimensions: 
   Height     6.26 in (169 mm) 
   Width      2.13 in (54 mm) 
   Depth      5.12 in (130 mm) 
   Weight  34.45 oz (1,005 gm) 

13 thoughts on “HP SimpleSave 1 TB Desktop External Harddrive

  1. maybe system restore is enabled on the drive thats why you cant “safely remove” it. or another process locking the device. i never had that problem from my seagate freeagent desk and seagate expansion drives. :p how much is it? you couldve also gone for western digital mybook essential. form+function

    1. I just checked and disabled system restore and still got the same error. LoL, I bought this product for the 12% rebate for employees lol . Western Digital is expensive for their external 1TB! My next choice for 1TB would be the seagate one.

  2. oh..rebates.cool.how much is the mybook essentials locally? yeah, seagate is not bad, have 2 of them and still kicking. cheaper too, but i really like wd’s design.lolz.

    and whats with that error. anybody else with the same device experiencing it? and no HP simplesave software is running right?

  3. Thank you for explaining that TWO drives are created. For the last 2 hours I have been trying to find where the backed-up files are stored to no avail because the data drive is “H:” and I have H: mapped as a network drive. After deleting my H: network drive, HP SimpleSave suddenly appears as my H: drive.

  4. Hi Allen,

    What specific store in SM Manila Cyberzone did you bought your HD? I was looking for one in MOA, but not available.


    1. Hi Chai, I’m sorry for the late reply… but I could no longer remember where I bought this HD. I’m trying to look for the receipt.. All I can remember that upon entering SM Cyberzone, it is on the array of stores to the left.

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