My own website!

Wow! I have just downloaded wordpress and have installed it first on my computer locally so that I can set it up. I want it to look good before uploading it to my own domain (which I’m still planning to buy a few days from now).

So things to do for this site.

  • Finalize on a theme
  • Add some plug-ins
  • Add some RSS Feeds
  • Get a domain!
  • Spread the word!

That’s all for now. ^_^

Oh before I forget, here are some of my resources.

12 thoughts on “My own website!

  1. Testing 1

  2. you gay. anyway, congrats to your new purchase. ano nga plan gin pili mo?

  3. Testing comments

  4. hey, congrats! 😉

  5. Allen is darn =) heheheh

  6. good luck sa plugin! 😉

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  9. Nice blog, cool design, will bookmark