My Silver Birthday Celebration

My Silver Birthday Celebration

I recently reached the “silver” age and I’d like to give a recap on what happened during that weekend…

Silkenhut’s 2011 Birthday Contest

The contest I made ended on that weekend and I would like to congratulate once again the winners of the contest.

Full Body Aromatic Massage & Foot Detox By Asian Massage

I started the celebration with Jessa and we had a massage at Asian Massage. Not the best massage I experienced but relatively ok for the price.

2011 Birthday Special – Jessa’s Sandwich and Mango Meal

A wonderful surprise by Jessa while we were waiting for the movie to start.

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

<–Movie review to follow–>

Jessa and I tried to marathon the previous installments of the series just to be ready for this show but only finished 1 and 2. We still have to catch up to movie 3.

2011 Birthday Special – Dinner at Marciano’s

Dinner after the movie. We were very full! I learned that risotto is very tasty!

2011 Birthday Special – King One Buffet

Stuffing ourselves with different types of food is a good way to start your day (especially if you haven’t eaten breakfast yet).

Movie: Fast Five

<– Movie review to follow>

This has got to be the best one in the series for me. Lots of action and pretty cars.

2011 Birthday Special – Dinner at Bubble Tea

Yummy japanese food for dinner. Food was ok, ambiance was not.

So that ends the day….

but wait, there’s more!

My officemates gave me a surprise too…

Allen’s HP Birthday Surprise

  • Two t-shirts
  • Brazo de Mercedes
  • Two pcs of birthday card with lots of dedications!

Thank you everyone for making my birthday celebration very memorable and very fun! ^_^

  • To the bloggers who joined the contest,
  • To the people who greeted via facebook or via text messages
  • To my pamily.. i mean family and relatives
  • To my officemates
  • To my very creative girlfriend, Jessa

Thank for being part of my life.. and for being the “life” in our much needed work-life balance.

Till next time,


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