Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack Review

Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack Review

Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack 2

It’s been a while since my last run so when I saw a run organized by HP, I joined for the sake of running again. It was a 9k torture run on the streets of Mckinley High, Taguig. It’s “torture” unless you are used to incline running. Part of the advocacy of the run is to save the environment which has been a controversial issue for fun runs because of the amount of garbage produced on each run thanks for the plastic cups consumed by runners.

In this run, no paper or plastic cups will be used and runners are required to bring in their own water containers. Either you carry your own water bottle or buy a waist pack which is generally expensive (around PHP 1000+ for a few ml container + belt). It’s a good thing that one of the partners of this run was Nathan’s Performance Gear and they gave us a 50% discount on selected waist packs. With that, I’d like to present to you my first waist pack.

Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack 3

Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack – PHP 1490 ( ~PHP745 due to discount)

It contains a 650ml bottle, ID card, and little pocket for keys/money/cellphone in a padded belt. I was thinking of getting the speed series with mini 235ml bottles but in the end, I opted for the big bottle and it was the cheapest too. The bottle has a lid on top where you just pull up if you want to drink and push down to close. To ensure that the bottle doesn’t get dislodged from the belt, there’s a tiny loop that you attach to the cap.

Without much experience on this one, I fitted it while the bottle was empty and I made sure that the bottle won’t wiggle in place after I did some test runs. However, it became a different story when I filled it up with water because it started bouncing on every step. It was very distracting during the run but I had no time to fix anymore the belt. It’s something that I’ll apply for future runs; to fit it while the bottle has contents.

Another unfortunate thing that happened was when I filled it up with a sports drink (PowerAde). The colors got stuck in the bottle and I cannot remove them anymore (even by using bleach). Lesson learned. However, with these two complaints that I have, I have no other problems. I still enjoyed the run and the experience running with a waist pack. It does help you with your pace as I don’t need to do a full stop but it makes me a bit dependent on it as I sip on it a lot.

I’m looking forward to my next run using my new Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack.

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PS: Nathan products can be bought at R.O.X. , Bonifacio High Street.

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