Nearly Lost my Camera at Landmark Makati

Nearly Lost my Camera at Landmark Makati

Nearly Lost my Camera at Landmark Makati - Panic

Let me tell you a story of where I nearly lost my Lumix ZS3 camera at Landmark Makati…

Jessa and I were at Landmark to do some shopping. I went with her on the second floor (lady stuffs) and then I went down to the ground floor to look at men stuffs. I was just browsing through the items when I saw some collared t-shirts at RRJ. I picked some and went to a nearby fitting room to check if it fits me…

I removed my camera bag and hanged it on the fitting room as I tried on the t-shirts. After checking the fit, I went out … and I forgot to get my camera bag. I just went on my way to meet Jessa on the second floor. We were roaming around the second floor for a while… looking at shoes mainly and a few apparels. I don’t know what we were talking about when it hit me… where the H is my camera? My camera… the camera that was with me when I entered Landmark was not with me anymore. I panicked and told Jessa that I’ll be going down to check where I left it. I was running and she followed me.

I ran on the escalator and ran towards the fitting room where I left my camera. It was really hard to run when the floor is slippery but I tried my best. I checked and it was gone! I asked the nearby sales lady if she saw something… negative. I asked a few of the other sales lady and I’m thankful for this one sales lady who remembered me (I was there browsing earlier) and said that someone saw the camera pouch and gave it up to the customer service area.

I immediately ran to the customer service area and talked to the lady in there. I was asking her if there was a black camera pouch in there and she tried checking but she could not see any. She told me that she was just back-filling for her friend because her friend went to the rest room. She asked me to wait for her to return and I took that time to try and calm myself down. I called Jessa to update her of my coordinates and she went to where I was trying to calm me down.

When the lady in duty returned, I tried to explain to her my explanation. I lost my camera pouch bag and in it contained a camera. She said that since it was a valuable, then I should check at foreign exchange because all lost valuables are delivered there. I asked how would they know if it was a valuable if they did not open the camera pouch to which they replied that they usually open the pouches to see what is inside. I also wanted to confirm if they saw a camera in one of the pouches they opened and to that they cannot confirm explaining that there are a lot of things getting lost. I was frustrated but I quickly asked for the directions to the foreign exchange and I ran there again, with Jessa right behind me.

While running, I wasn’t able to see and scraped my right arm on a stand. Although it was painful, I ignored the pain as I rushed to the foreign exchange area. They are already closing which made me panic. Once again, I explained my case and to which they gave me a lost and found form to fill up. I filled it up with haste and I described my lost item as detailed as I could. I described the color of the pouch, the color of the camera, the brand of the camera on the paper. She then checked and asked me a few questions on the contents of the camera (not only do they open the pouch but they also open the contents?!?!?) to which I answered. I answered with the first and the last pictures that were stored on the memory and she returned my camera. WHEW!

So this tale ends with a happy ending and me and my camera were united once again. 🙂

A big THANK YOU to Landmark staff for handling this with care…

and of course, a bigger thank you for Jessa for being there for me. It was really hard to think and focus while in a panic frenzy mode and she helped me calm down and go back to my senses when I was losing it. Thank you so much!

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5 thoughts on “Nearly Lost my Camera at Landmark Makati

  1. hi allen, I happened to be a staff in landmark makati and I know the saleslady who returned your camera. Her name is Janilyn Suniga of Bossini under Menswear Department. I think this lady deserves commendation for her good deeds. Thank you and more power.

    1. Hello Markie, good day, believe it or not, I only got to read your comment today after browsing through my old posts. Still, I’d like to thank Janilyn for returning my camera to the proper authorities.

      Thank you very much!


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