Ninja Warz Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Ninja Warz Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Ninja Warz Guide - Tips and Tricks and Cheats

I want to make this a repository of Ninja Warz tricks and tips that you and I discover as we play the game.  So what are you waiting for? On with the way of the Ninja!

Easy way to win fights and level up

Always fight Ninja’s who has an icon of a Samurai with Orange and White Rays background. These are generic Ninja’s and shouldn’t pose much of a threat to you. You can even fight those at a higher level than you for more experience and gold.

Earn Extra Karma by earning achievements

Ever wondered why others have very strong ninjas at a low level? Where did they get their Karma points? Well, it is from achievements. Some achievements are really easy to earn and so those the karma that goes with it. [Ninja Warz Achievement List]

Do not trade your karma for Gold

Karma is much much more valuable than gold.

Konami Achievement

Go to your Daimyo page and press this button. I could not get this to work with Firefox but works ok in Internet Explorer.

press up up down down left right left right b a then enter

Credits to Jasper in the comment below


You can gain an achievement by defeating Genbu (Big turtle) with friend shrimps and negi.

You can also fight Tondeiru Josei girl, it is also an epic fight and you need to win against here for achievements.

Fight the creator of NinjaWarz Achievement – Fighting the hand that feeds Achievement

Amanda Beyer Level 19 –

Conrad Rustad Level 22 –

Gain the flawless Victory Achievement

Fight this guy =

The person is level 21, with only one ninja at level 1.

If you know more Ninja Warz Cheats on Facebook, please share them in the comments below. Thanks!


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  1. go to daimyo then press up up down down left right left right b a then enter

  2. Show us the cheats and hacks though, And Jasper, That doesnt work.

  3. the konami trick works on firfox

  4. well i use some relics that are unbeatable(sort of), here it is:
    sushi roll (add 100 health per ninja and +8% agility)
    halves of live(add 80 health per ninja)
    onogoro water(add 40 health per ninja)
    the blood fragment(add 35% of health and +10% attack speed)
    cobra kai(add 100 power per ninja)

  5. FIGHT this guy so easy 1 green belt 1 orange belt and ou will get this

    Topple Goliath
    Defeat another human player 4 levels above you.

    Invincible Underdog
    Defeat another human player 10 levels above you.

  6. credits to jasper

  7. ty to u all ^_^

  8. im having fun of this

  9. fight this guy lvl 25 free kill no weapon..

  10. do you think your strong then attack me. level 20 4 ninjas. 3 black belts and 1 orange.

  11. u think u can beat me? Lv.25 2 black belts, 1 green belt, 17 white belts.

  12. Try 2 beat her u will get this achievement:BITING THE HAND THAT FEDDS beat one of the creators of ninja warz

  13. for achievement of cccccombo breaker and combo breaker

  14. think ur strong lvl 27 1 black belt 1 brown belt 5 orange belts 14 yellow belts 2 white belts

  15. i like a 500 worth karma but how can i get it the ninja warz i like anew weapons

  16. I like your tips in ninja warz>>>>

  17. hey wew i just beat u

    lvl 20 – 1 white belt
    Free kills! :]
    For easy achievements

  19. fuck u all looserzzz!!!! just show me the karma cheat!!!

  20. azhartaufiqurrachmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan says:

    I want karma cheat showed me karma cheat , shit, come on maaaaaan , Ia m leveling

  21. azhartaufiqurrachmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan says:


  22. It’s ridiculous how you post your 1-5 black belts and tons of whites. Just so you know, 1 black belt can annihilate 30 white belts. It’s a shame you level 20s have only a few black belts. Anyway, fight me: 7 Black Belts at level 19:
    If a level 20 and below can beat me, I’m satisfied.

  23. uhhwwhdvdhvudh says:

    i have the ultamite tip…………………………………lv. 1 to 3 getting 17 acheivements

  24. uhhwwhdvdhvudh says:

    deafet level 121 youll get the acheivment ARE YOU INSANE!………….

  25. wow its really true the achievment ARE YOU INSANE

  26. grabeha tinoud jud

  27. HOW DID YOU NOW??????????

  28. u think u can beat me
    lvl 26 10 blackbelts 4 brownbelts 4 greenbelts 5 whitebelts

  29. try me lvl 28 5 black belts 1orange belt 10 white belts and i kno i have alot of weak ppl but i dont lvl up to many ppl all the time

  30. thxs austin for reminding me of the url for ninja-warz itself…lmfao

  31. i have 7 black belts and 1 green belt ninja

  32. jasper is right

  33. yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Is there any ninja warz creator on lvl 37 or lvl 27? cuz i’m lvl 37 so i cant fight one of those creators 🙁

  35. austin i will beat you 😉

  36. just go yo diayo and click the daily reward and type in up up down down left right left right b a enter and you will get karma

  37. and you can do it on internet explore

  38. any one who can defeat me please attack me i want to lose 100 fights in a row: level33 4 Black Belts, 9 Brown Belts, 7 Blue Belts, 5 Green Belts no relics

    • i can do that for you if you can give me a 90 karma i will tell some advice this cheat is from the achievement komando …… up up down down left right left right b a

  39. shadow already defeated u 🙂

  40. up up down down left rigth left right b a enter. you'll get 1 karma.

  41. does it work.

  42. sana po big yan nyu ako nang 500 karma sa nin wars

  43. sa internet explorer lang po gumagana ung up up down down left right left right b a enter

  44. hey if any can add me as an ally I would be glad thanks guys.

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