Nokia PC Suite Cannot Connect Via Bluetooth Problem

Nokia PC Suite Cannot Connect Via Bluetooth Problem

Nokia PC Suite

I have been using Nokia PC Suite for a while now to backup my phone, transfer files and even send some text messages when I’m lazy to text. I usually connect my phone to my computer via bluetooth because it is easier to do but sometimes, I do get problems connecting. My phone’s bluetooth is on, it is visible and my computer can detect it but they can’t connect to each other. Sometimes, Nokia PC Suite can’t detect that the computer has a bluetooth functionality.

Here are some solutions that I have tried (sometimes they do not work so just try out the other solutions)

Restart your computer

The usual solution to these problems especially if you had a fresh install of Nokia PC Suite. Just restart your computer and try again.

Make sure that your computer’s Bluetooth is on

Sometimes you might forget that it is turned off. Most laptops have a switch to instantly turn on their bluetooth.

Delete the paired devices on both your laptop and your computer

You can always pair them again right? Sometimes, the connection gets stuck and they think they have already paired but in reality they have not.

Reinstall Nokia PC Suite by uninstalling it first (Best)

When uninstalling Nokia PC Suite, make sure to uninstall these items from your Add/Remove Programs for a complete uninstall.

  • Nokia PC Suite
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver
  • PC Connectivity Solution

Then reinstall.

Hopefully, one of these solutions should solve your problem. 🙂

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