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Nokia to Samsung Phone Contacts Transfer

How to Export Your Nokia Phone Contacts to Samsung Phones?

Nokia to Samsung Phone Contacts Transfer

As someone who had made his first transition to a non Nokia phone, the first thing I wanted to do was to transfer my contacts to my new phone. If it were Nokia to Nokia, I would have easily used Nokia Ovi or Nokia PC Suite to do the trick but it was different because it’s transferring from Nokia to Samsung.

Sim Card Method

The easiest way to do this was to copy all your contacts to your sim card then transfer you sim card to your new phone. All your contacts will be carried over to any phone that you will place your sim card on. The only disadvantage to this method is that the contacts that had multiple numbers or info will be separated as sim cards are not capable of processing such information.

Alternative way of Nokia to Samsung Phone Contacts Transfer

Now let me share with you another way of transferring your contacts (guide specific to Samsung Phones but I’m sure it will work with LG or Sony Ericsson but you need to use their own PC software (eg. Samsung Kies for Samsung))

Here are the programs that I will be using.

  • Nokia OVI Suite – will be used to sync your Nokia Phone Contacts to your PC
  • Samsung Kies – will be used to sync your Samsung Phone Contacts to your PC
  • Grab My Contacts – will be used to grab your contacts from Nokia OVI suite and save it into a file

The first thing you should do is to ensure that your Nokia Phone Contacts are in sync with Nokia Ovi Suite. You will need to connect your phone (via wire or bluetooth) then sync contacts.

Grab My Contacts

Launch Grab My Contacts and just follow the three easy steps to export your contacts to an excel file (myovicontacts.xml).

Grab My Contacts in csv

Open the file and save it with an file extension of .csv. With this step done, we now have a file that can be loaded with Samsung Kies to import your contacts.

Samsung Kies Import Contacts

Let’s run Samsung Kies and connect your Samsung Phone there. Click on Import/Export then Import Contacts. Locate the .csv file that we saved earlier. Upon opening, you will be asked to map some fields that Samsung Kies weren’t able to identify.

I just mapped the following fields and ignored the rest.

  • GivenName -> Name or Display Name
  • General Phone -> Phone Number 1 (Phone Number)
  • General Mobile -> Phone Number 2 (Phone Number)

After clicking Ok, it will automatically start transferring those contacts to your phone. Easy right? 🙂

Hope this helps you in your Nokia to Samsung Phone Contacts Transfer problems. Now, let me go back to tinkering with my new phone and once I learned more, I’ll post it here.

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