Noynoy Aquino Alleged Medical Psychological Records

Noynoy Aquino Alleged Medical Psychological Records

Currently spreading like wildfire on social networking sites, internet forums and blogs (count me in) is the alleged Medical / Psychological Records of Noynoy Aquino.

This has been in the news today when I glanced through the different news channels in the Philippines. A 3 page document was suddenly spreading around which contains the following:

  • Header of the Department of Psychology of Ateneo de Manila University
  • The report that Noynoy suffered from depression, with a history of bad habits like smoking, drinking and even weed
  • Signed by Carmelo A. Caluag II SJ on 2/10/1996

ABS-CBN News claimed that they received this report from unnamed sources in the Nationalista Party (which is the party of Noynoy Aquino’s rival , Manny Villar).

Noynoy Aquino’s camp claims that this record is fake and has been fabricated by Manny Villar’s camp. They say that this is a sample of black propaganda especially since the election time is near. The alleged psychiatrist, Mr Caluag, also claims that this document is fake. Ateneo also agrees that the document is fake.

On Manny camp’s side, they are saying that they are not the source of these records and are challenging ABS-CBN to reveal the source of this Noynoy Psych report. However, ABS-CBN won’t give in to their demands and said that they won’t reveal their sources (here is their statement on facebook).

Now, we have a battle. Noynoy’s camp vs Villar’s camp then Villar’s camp vs ABS CBN news.
I’m interested on what happens in the next few days as this fake medical report (Is it safe to believe that this is fake after all the denials of the parties?) is something that made me laugh. If this was true, then we should all be scared because if we base the election results on the current surveys, Noynoy still has the lead. Imagine being led by a “depressed” president. If this was all a fabrication, then someone’s idea of black propaganda will bring misfortune to his party/camp as it has backfired to them.

I’m watching out for more Noynoy vs Villar mudslinging while the other candidates keep on campaigning.

Oh btw, ABS CBN has been generous enough to share the alleged Noynoy Aquino Medical Report on their website. Just copy on your browser address bar and press enter to load/read.

10 thoughts on “Noynoy Aquino Alleged Medical Psychological Records

  1. Kung ako ay boboto, dun na ako sa alam ang gagawin, doon sa hindi umaasa sa pangalan ng magulang, doon sa matino pa ang pag-iisip. Yan si noynoy, hindi ko nakitaan ng abilidad para maging leader ng ating bayan, at sangkatutak ang advisers niyan! kaya doon nalang ako kay MANNY VILLAR. Maarami nang nagawa, at alam ang gagawin sa ating bansa.

    prinsesa ng kumintang: OMG!!!
    1. What if Noynoy was not the son of Ninoy and Cory?
    2.What if Kris Aquino is not an actress?
    3. The role of Congress is to legislate laws. If you’re part of it but wasn’t able to legislate any law, what do you call yourself?
    4. (on number three) Trying maybe good. Trying to pass the reproductive Health Bill is good? (It is important to note that whereas the general tone of the bill appears to be positive and health promoting in style, upon closer scrutiny it contains deeply tricky principles, impositions and subtexts).
    5. If character, competence, etc. are inherited, why do great people have prodigal sons?
    6. ‘Sa Ngalan ng Tubo’? (film on Hacienda Luisita) is a good film.
    7. Why did Erap win? He was popular. He was not corrupt. He was service-oriented. (Until he became President) Noynoy is? Popular. Not corrupt. But not service-oriented. (What if he becomes President). < < 8 Let's talk about platform. (Someone answers: What platform? Let's talk about our parents) 9. Why not really think about these? 10. Truth hurts doesn't it? Why not share these. silkenhut: Comment edited for posting 2 comments under the same IP address.

  2. Honestly, i would vote for someone who is backed up with tenure and is results oriented. Yung bang nakikita mo ang epekto ng ginawa nya. Si Manny, nagbigay ng scholarships.May pakialam sya sa Masa. That’s why my whole vote is with him.On the other hand, Noynoy’s reputation is stellar because of his parents. Without them, he’s a wimp.

  3. Nako noy, ayaw ko sayo, hindi mo pa kayang mamuno sa bansa natin, kulang ka pa sa kakyahan. mag video games ka nalang sir. kaya ako, SOLID VILLAR..

  4. Just observe how our president, argues and explains the so-called decisions of the judicial court. In La Consolacion College: 1. The Court of Appeals decision upholding the right of Banco Pilipino to operate is wrong; 2. The TRO issued by the RTC against Sec. Delimna in favor of NBI Director Gatdula is also wrong; 3.Appointment of the Chief Justice (appointed Supreme Court Justice since year 2002) upheld by the Supreme Court to be legal is also wrong; and, many others. If you are a Psychiatrist or a lawyer or a man with wisdom, anu sa tingin ninyo ang kanyang psychological grade?

  5. Kayo na naghahanap ng psychological record ni P-noy ay mali! Bakit di nalang kayo tumingin o makinig sa kanya at kay Hon. Lacierda paano sumagot sa harap ng mamayang pilipino. Ang psychological record ay naitatago o madaling mabura pero ang pagsagot sa harap ng mga tao ay hinde nabubura sa ating mga isipan. Pero wag kayong manisi siya ang pinili ninyo na mamuno sa atin kaya tiis tayo at makisama pag tama ang ginagawa. Parang magulang pag may problema hinde naman poydeng palitan at maghanap ng ibang magulang, ipagamot mo! Kung malala na ipasuk mo sa mental para magamut ng at mapayuhan ng maayos, ilayo mo lang sa mga Doktor na nahahawa na rin.

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