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Nuat Thai Massage

Nuat Thai Massage

Nuat Thai

In my previous post, I ranted about the quality of service we got so we sought out another place for us to get a massage.

We discovered Nuat Thai at the recently opened Starmall Prima and we availed of their Thai Massage for Php 250. They also offer other types of massage but for our first time, we went with the type of massage that goes with their name; Thai massage.

Inside the place, where it was dark, you can walk through the aisles by stepping on big white tiles surrounded by rocks. You will be given temporary slippers and before you go for your massage; they will wash and scrub your feet. I really appreciate this because imagine the usual order of a massage. They start at your feet; legs and end up on your head/face. So think about all the dirt that they got from your feet and how it will be rubbed back into your face (unless they wash / cleanse their hands in between sessions but it’s not that common that they do).

As expected from Thai massage; there wasn’t a lot of kneading but more on pressing certain points of your body. Some really hurt that makes me jerk but others were relaxing (mild pain but it gives you that relaxed feeling after). There were also a lot of stretches in between that are sure to make your bones crack which really felt good too!

The massage itself wasn’t as noisy as compared to my experience at Ton Ton Thai Massage mainly because there were less clapping/pounding and less number of customers at that time. Due to that I think I might have dozed off several times until a pressure point hit would bring me back.

Overall, we enjoyed our massage and it wasn’t expensive. We were also given complimentary tea after our massage and as I watched the clock; they really used up one hour as expected.

We will definitely be back here!

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