On Blog Downtimes and HostGator Support

On Blog Downtimes and HostGator Support


For the past two weeks, my blogs has suffered numerous downtimes that last hours to even days. I have been working (well at least trying to work ) with HostGator Support in order to bring this back up but still no “final” solution.

Warning: This is more of a rant post as I want to let off some steam. 

This started when I was reviewing my blogs and found that I had inactive blogs that had outdated wordpress installations / plugins. So I went to each one of them and updated everything. A few hours later, my nightmares would start.

All my blogs went down due to CPU Usage!!!

As per Hostgator’s Terms of Service, blogs that exceed the CPU Usage for long periods of time would get suspended or disabled (whatever their term was). So my blogs could no longer connect to the database and you would see this error  in all of my blogs.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

My blog has been restricted and the database user that connects to database has been banned (temporarily or permanently I’m not sure). So I went ahead and contact Hostgator support; in which they gave me a workaround which was to create a new database user to connect to the database.

The solution works … temporarily as hours later; that new user will be banned with the same issue.

If I check the logs, the error shows up as…

WordPress database error User ” has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 1)

Now this is the restriction that has been granted to my account and this is what needs to be resolved else my database users will simply get banned again.

I raised tickets to HostGator asking them to remove this restrictions and I proceeded to clean up my blog.

Here are the things I did:

  • Made a back-up of my inactive blogs and deleted their wordpress installation folders. I left the database intact.
  • Reviewed the plugins that I have been using and uninstalled plugins that wasn’t that important and most importantly; hasn’t been updated for a long time.
  • Scanned my blog with online malware scanners just to be sure…
  • Added blank index.php files to most of the folders so that they can’t be accessed
  • Cleaned up my media folder (through a plugin)
  • Deleted themes that I don’t use
  • Optimized / repaired the database through mysql and through wordpress’ own database repair functionality

Now I’m ready for a review and I hope that Hostgator will finally let me us my blog properly again.

Till next uptime!


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  1. well… when you use share hosting and you have good traffic on your blog/website, such issues can happend. in short, the best solution is use VPS or dedicated server. by using dedicated servers you have freedom to access it anytime and resolve your issue. also, with dedicated servers you have dedicated CPU so there isn’t issue regarding your website down time etc.

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