Ondoy Typhoon Brings Worst Philipine Flood

Ondoy Typhoon Brings Worst Philipine Flood

We recently got back our water/electricity and phone lines back online so I’m here to blog on how to help. 


How you can help the victims of Ondoy

Although we can rely on our officials to help, we can also help the victims through donating.

  • Donate to Red Cross PH
    text RED<space>AMOUNT  to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)G-CASH
    text DONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>4-digit M-PIN<space>REDCROSS to 2882
  • Check out ABSCBN News link for more ways on how you can help
    How you can help Ondoy Victims

12 thoughts on “Ondoy Typhoon Brings Worst Philipine Flood

  1. Ondoy typhoon has really brought great damage to the Philippines. This may be a wake up call to all our leaders and citizens to act on the effects of climate change. No one is safe these days!

    • We cannot do anything about climate change or whatever that is. We can simply change our way of life by not making our place a big trashcan. There’s trash everywhere 🙁

  2. ba’t naman napunta si freshasiadaily dito?

  3. Yep, We are greatly affected by mother earth wrath, and so this is the time to set aside petty differences and work for the better and recovery of our country.

    Here in Mindanao almost every establishments contributed and put boxes for donation and aid to flood victims.

  4. This is the result of peoples’ inability to care for the environment. WE are very much concerned of progress but we overlook the ill effects of our actions therefore we must reap what we sow.

    It is not yet too late, we can still do something about it. I think we should control our population first and find ways to improve nature.

  5. What happen to Philippines is really tragic. And I hope that government can plan an action plan to prevent it happening again

  6. It’s a tragedy what happened in the Philippines with this typhoon. I hope you guys can rebuild – you’re in my thoughts. Take care.

    – Dan

  7. Hail my brothers from the phillipines we’re with you may this pass fast.

  8. I dont think this is a result of polution. What if the ice melting is “just” some kind of a “circle”; what if the exact same thing happened like 3000 years ago, and that it will all pass by itself?

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