New Solutions: WordPress can’t write any files on my webhost

UPDATE: The problem has been solved when I checked it right now. Perhaps it was just a misconfiguration of the phpconfig. 😀

This is a big problem that surfaced after the blog came back online yesterday.

Problem Description

I found out that wordpress can’t write any files on my web host. It was able to do it before the downtime, but after it came back online, it is not able to do it anymore.

As an experiment, I tried logging in to my web host account through FTP and uploaded some files there. I was able to upload successfully (write successful). However, why is it that WordPress can’t do this? I mean, write files in the web host account?

Problem Evidence

I discovered this phenomenon when I was browsing through my plug-ins. Some of my plug-ins require write access to my web host account in order to function. Since they can’t write anything, they don’t work. Here are the plug-ins I use that needs write access.


Error initializing sessions directory, read this for help
Directory ,’/tmp/fs_sessions/’ is not writable or readable by the PHP user

XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 3.0b8

# There was a problem writing your sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more
# There was a problem writing your zipped sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more

WordPress Database Backup Plug-in

WARNING: Your backup directory is NOT writable! We can not create the backup directory.

Anything wordpress feature that sends me an email

WordPress can’t send me emails anymore. I have set wordpress to email me every time somebody comments on my blog. I have not received any emails for the last two days but I know I have received new comments when I check my blog. My database back up has not been emailed to me too (since the back up plug in itself does not work). I have to do the back up manually through CPANEL.

New Solutions

OLD Solutions Tried

CHMOD to 755 and 777

CHMOD sets the permission for the files in your web host. You can set it to be readable, writable and executable. Since I don’t want to compromise my blog security, I CHMOD my sitemap files to 777 (which means it can be read, written and executed by anyone). I was hoping that this would solve the problem but it did not. Even when set to 777, wordpress still can’t update my sitemap.

Look for a better web host!!!

Graaaaaa!!!! I am currently browsing through the list of web hosts and looking for a good place to switch to. 😀

I need your help

If you have encountered this sort of problem or have found a solution to this problem, please inform me ASAP before I lose my mind. ^_^ Thank you very much!

PS: The reaching out issue will be rescheduled later tonight. 😀

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