Opendns Family Shield Manages Blocks Bad Websites but

Opendns Family Shield Manages Blocks Bad Websites but…

I have been using customized DNS servers ever since I had problems with PLDT myDSL DNS. Even though I’m already using SkyCable, I still use these dns settings. Lately, I saw another feature by Opendns which is their Family Shield. The purpose of this filter is to add a level of filtering to block bad websites from being loaded. This includes porn, gambling, hate, racist, drugs and other similar topics on a website.

I was curious to try it out and it was very easy to install. Similar to changing your DNS settings with what Opendns has; the family shield uses the same technique but you will be given a new set of dns ip address. I applied this to my router so that everyone connected to it will be protected.

The DNS servers to use would be the following:


I tried it here on my tablet and it works! See this screenshot where a website has been blocked successfully.


However, I can’t seem to get it working on my laptop. I tried flushing the dns, clearing the cache but still no progress. I can still go through the same websites that got blocked in my tablet. So this is an open problem for me.

Update: Found out what was causing the issue on my laptop. I opened an account at OpenDNS and registered a network (which locks to a specific IP address). At that time, the IP address registered to my account and the IP address that my ISP gave me is the same so the filtering should work.. however, since my ISP doesn’t have static IP addresses, my ip addresses varies everytime so there was a misalignment between my registered IP address and current ip address. There’s a refresh button there at the opendns dashboard to align the ip addresses to restore the filtering. However, this is just a temporary fix as my IP will change again soon.

Overall, I liked this concept and I’m sure going to be using this a lot; and will be part of my default configurations in case I will have new routers to play with.

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