OpenKore Additional Software Required Error

Open Kore Additional Software Required

Has anyone come across this error in Openkore?

Additional Software Required

In order to run this program, you must have ActivePerl installed. Would you like to download ActivePerl Now?

Want to know the solution I did?

The simple solution…

What I did was to redownload openkore and configured it from scratch. However, if you are lazy, you can just copy all your config files as long as the Poseidon.exe is from a new download. It was as easy as that.

As for the cause of this error, I have no idea on why this happened. But who cares as long as there is a solution.

Happy botting! 🙂

2 thoughts on “OpenKore Additional Software Required Error

  1. I too haven’t encountered this problem before. It’s a good thing there’s already a solution before the problem ever occured to me. Thanks! ^_^

  2. hi,sir allen…i cant run..valkryie ro??…the patch said patch completed..and start…i click the start…no happens??…why??….because of the Virus??….how can i play??…..THnx sir allen……

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