Whey - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Review

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Review

Whey - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Gold Standard would be the first whey protein that I have ever bought and tried so it became my point of comparison to my other purchases. When I started, I had no prior knowledge (and I’m still learning even up to now) about whey so I just went with the best seller in bodybuilding.com and amazon.com. No question about it; Gold Standard is number one of those lists. With the recommendation of my brother, I bought a 10 lbs pack from an online seller.

So there was I, holding my newly bought whey protein, wondering how I should take it.

Well, I learned that I shouldn’t add hot water as it got very clumpy so I had to chew on it. It mixes well on room temp water or cold water. I didn’t have a shaker at that time so I just placed it on a water bottle and shake it up for 10-20 seconds. There would be minor clumps but that gets resolved by shaking it more. Now as for flavor, I bought the Double Rich Chocolate flavor and was left wondering, what does double chocolate mean and what is the difference between normal chocolate?

Flavor-wise, it does taste chocolaty but it is either I added too much water or does it taste a bit bland? Initially, I was using one scoop as a post workout drink but I doubled it up to two scoops so that I would enjoy the taste better. I didn’t reduce my water intake as I’m usually very thirsty after my workout. Well, more protein for me but more costly in the long run.

Gold Standard’s Nutrition Profile:

Whey - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Nutrition Data 10lbs


Gold Standard’s Cost:

I have bought it before for PHP 5000 (before knowing that I could get it cheaper at Cash and Carry). For PHP 5000, that would be PHP 33 per serving.

However, recently, Gold Standard had a price increase and this is what I got from Cash and Carry (June 2014).

  • 10 lbs – PHP 5300
  • 5 lbs – PHP 2900

Will I be buying Gold standard again? With its current prices and after tasting other whey proteins, I don’t think so.

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